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Cure Shows on weight 

   Weight / candida / diabetes conference

March 19, 2010

In attendance:
Angelo, Barb, Bayard, Frannie, Greg, Keely, Meredith


Candida has a pervasive influence on you & causes you to eat things that sustain/increase candida and contribute to conditions & diseases such as diabetes

Candida uses excess sugar so it wants you to use sugar

Candida puts thoughts in you that influence you in these directions - e.g., Oprah saying "I hate exercise"

Candida can control your testing - have other people to test with; do the usual anti-interference actions


Exercise - causes candida to die off

Vigilance - watching your body & reactions, measuring yourself, continuously, constantly

Drastic measures - e.g., from being a meat & potatoes guy, Angelo became vegan

Things that have worked: probiotics, bikram yoga, standard anti-yeast diet (lean protein, cooked veggies, etc.)

There is a vibration that kills yeast - proactive, intentional, energetic, vigilant, et al. - it's like being in "the zone"

Study yeast & its remedies - know your enemy

LINKS (courtesy of Frannie)

"George's" site

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Dr. Neal Barnard's site (Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes)

Interesting movie of Barnard

Mevy diet

Recording of the meeting

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