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   Pitch companies and famous people to put their faces, along with the tally, on the sides of buses, or on billboards

Sponsored bus signs will take this into global consciousness if you can get even a few of them up in key cities, so the thing to do is pitch companies, by phone, in New York, Chicago, in Los Angeles, or the capital city in the country where you live.

If you have a minimum of nine hours a week to spend volunteering, and you're good at chatting up famous people and/or CEOs, I'll work with you personally. And I'm good at all those things, so I can work out with you exactly how you can do it. -- Bayard

Here's what the sign looks like.


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(your name or company)
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(The person in the photo would be a member of your staff, or your founder.)
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Revised 07/22/08