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Act Globally

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Organize a demonstration

Yours may be the march that causes this to tip into global awareness.  A March for the Cure Drive in Wichita may very well be picked up by the wire services and aired on television in New York, London, and Tokyo.

Placard ideas (in Word.doc format)
If you click on the title and then use the "print preview" function in your Word program you will see an examptle of how the words might look on the placard.

>I cured depression
>I cured Lupus
>I've seen the Promised Land,- nobody gets sick
>Join the
>Others pay for your mistakes and apathy
>Teach cure in public schools
>Tell people they can cure things
>Cure stuff -- when you're sick you hurt people
>You have been reached
>Cure stuff -- you'll help everybody
>Support the CureDrive
>Support our troops -- teach them to cure stuff
>Take back your immune system
>We care about you

>We protest that you don't know you can cure stuff

For demonstrations at lectures and other events, use some placards that relate, such as, for a paid Marianne Williamson lecture:

>Invite is in
>Join us, Marianne

C-del meeting where you hear how a group did this -- Monday 5/29/06

As far as how to organize your demonstration, and what kind of demonstration to have, we'll talk about that over the phone.

Best to get a bunch of experienced people together and brainstorm. Are there some people in your town who have already organized, for example, a Walk for the Cure? Those would be the first people who call to get on board. Anyone organizing should join forces with the already existent activists in their city.

What is the social change we want to produce?

All activists raise public awareness: either by making people aware of their abilities and/or rights, or by exposing personal and social evils. A good parallel to us is the people who agitate against smoking. One of the realities they expose is that no one has a right to smoke, because every year thousands of people die from exposure to secondhand smoke cigarette. Obviously, once we teach everybody in the world to cure cancer, that death rate will be drastically reduced, if not entirely eliminated. Then smoking will still be a social evil, albeit a different kind.

We run into people who suppress cure all the time, and some of them are members of our immediate families. And you have probably realized that it doesn't pay to try to do much about it on a personal level.

A public demonstration will probably show the importance and relevance of the Cure Drive sufficiently to bring along most indifferent people.

We don't have to argue with them one-on-one!

What we can do with people who try to interfere with us, one-on-one, is just be blunt, straightforward, expose any harm they're doing, and require appropriate behavior from them at all times when we interact with them personally. A good example of this happened when a woman followed an example I gave in one of my lectures and put a bumper sticker on her husband's truck without asking his permission. He was somewhat irate with her and told her that he was going to remove the sticker. She said, in response, "You don't want that karma." He got it. He didn't touch the sticker.

Honesty and forthrightness are the activist's main tools. As Gandhi said: "We have no secrets."

Two good movies to watch:

Gandhi -- Ben Kingsley

Iron Jawed Angels -- Hilary Swank

Cure is news. That's why, when you have a huge embroidery on the back of your jacket that says
30,000 cures & counting

strangers in the mall ask you about it -- they've never seen anything like it in their lives.  We're the oddest demonstration ever, because our placards say things like:

Support our troops -- teach them to cure stuff


We protest that you don't know you can cure stuff

To get started, contact Greg
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