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Cure Drive signs

Please print out the some signs from the art linked below and take them around to stores and restaurants where wonderful people go.

Sign art

Here's a link to commercially sold Wall-saver poster tape to hang it.

Speak to the manager. Say that this is a community awareness project, and that people all over the world are asking proprietors of establishments like theirs to post this sign anywhere customers pay, enter, or leave the store.

If you're in Chicago, please get as many of these signs as possible in stores and restaurants around Oprah's studio, especially places where the staff eat lunch, or even gas up their cars! If you're in New York, do the same with Montel's studio and try to get one in that little deli that Letterman keeps having on his program. If you're in L.A., go for Rodeo Drive and other places that cater to movie stars, especially ones that serve health-oriented products. If you're in Santa Fe go for 10,000 Waves, the spa where they do the $700 facial, and Wild Oats and other supermarkets like that.

Frannie spent a long time trying to make a pre-centered version of this for you, but you may have to center them yourself -- mess around with them -- using whatever computer program you decide works best.

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