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Act Globally
   Sign setup instructions & photos


Alternative front signs:

Materials needed:

  • Signs printed
  • Ribbon, string, or shoelaces
  • Metal washers
  • Hole punch
    • Obtainable at office supply store:
      • Plastic page shields

The kit contains

  • Bumper stickers
  • Chapstick
  • Clips to secure signs at your side
  • Signs
  • Sunblock

Once you've got it set up, you can keep your kit in your car. Then, when the time is right and you're in the right place, you can park by the right intersection and spend as little or as much time as you want there -- 5 minutes or five hours.

Your signs will be in plastic page shields, so there'll always look great. When you try this out for your first half an hour to see if you want to commit to it, if you're like most people you will probably just pin your signs, with no plastic shields, to your clothing. And this will work. When you're doing it on a regular basis, you'll want to set your signs up so that they're always ready to go, and no pinning is necessary.
Picture 2639setup.jpg (7591 bytes)Picture 2640setup.jpg (6342 bytes)Picture 2643setup.jpg (9303 bytes)
Picture 2645setup.jpg (9726 bytes)
The bumper sticker is taped to the plastic shield.

Picture 2649setup.jpg (5914 bytes)Picture 2650setup.jpg (6294 bytes)Picture 2647setup.jpg (9143 bytes)
Reinforcing tape on the front.

You can use ribbon on the signs instead of string -- but string is OK too. String has to be thick to feel comfortable over your shoulders. I used ribbon, which is comfortable and possibly easier to obtain. Shoelaces are also good.
Picture 2655setup.jpg (8655 bytes)Picture 2668setup.jpg (7000 bytes)Picture 2670setup.jpg (6309 bytes)

Weight the signs with metal washers -- add or subtract washers to calibrate the front and back so the signs balance evenly where you want them on your body.
Picture 2659setup.jpg (6479 bytes)Picture 2660setup.jpg (6761 bytes)Picture 2661setup.jpg (4465 bytes)

Tape the side of the horizontal sign so the washers won't roll out.
Picture 2657setup.jpg (6847 bytes)

Beware of gusty tropical breezes!  They can blow your signs up, and cause the lead washers to whack you on the nose. Use "Ironing Board Cover Fasteners," or some such gizmos, to further secure the signs on windy days.
Picture 2678setup.jpg (5978 bytes)Picture 2677setup.jpg (8280 bytes)Picture 2672setup.jpg (10230 bytes)Picture 2673side.jpg (7906 bytes)

Wear solid colored clothing because then your signs will show up better, and be more readable.
body signsbody signs

Back signs should probably be black for long-distance viewing. But the front, which people read up close, can be softened to blue, or some other color, if you wish.
body signs

Staked signs are illegal, but generally tolerated as long as you remove them when you go. Remove your staked signs when you go home, or the highway department will, and you'll lose your signs. One or two staked signs are sufficient, and none is OK -- it's the signs on your body that matter. If you can stake signs in on the median you work, make them far enough back so that everyone sees them -- all the cars that you're going to ask for donations pass them. Picture 2575setup.jpg (17240 bytes)
Never ask for a donation on staked signs -- only on the sign on your chest.

It helps to wear a shirt, or some other upper body garment that says CureDrive  -- it makes you official!

We have phone meetings on a free conference bridge for people who are doing this

To get started, contact Greg
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