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The Comprehensive, Free, Do-It-Yourself Six-Day Immunics Course for Your Group -- formerly the 2-Step Startup Course
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-- Bayard Barnes, the 2-Step video teacher

2-Step Homework


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    Step 1 Video:
How to cure (1:41:45)

All over the world people cure "incurable" diseases -- viral-based diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown origin, such as lupus -- without drugs or substances, using what's handed out right here in this movies. You are about to do what they do. And anyone who sees this can turn right around and show somebody else how, and you'll want to because people who don't know they can cure a disease will die of it, and that could be someone you're close to; and because an epidemic of an infectious disease such as killer flu will, if people don't know they can cure it, paralyze all social functions. We're here for humanity; you can be too.

Step 2 Video:
Maintain your immunity (1:47:26)

"I haven't even had a flu try to come in since '1993."
-- Bayard
Immunity takes study; you play with it all day, for life. Abandon all stress, ye who enter here, for when ye’re immune, you have no stress. A stress-free, happy state is the harbinger of immunity. 

Audio version
There is no audio version of the 2-Step Startup. If you can't play these videos, your best option is to listen to CureShows relevant to what you want to accomplish. Many before you have cured things that way.

CureShows are a group of teachers showing one guest how to cure a disease; and the guest cures it as you listen, and hear how it’s done. Start with CureShows that clearly teach the basics right at the beginning, even if they’re not relevant to what you want to accomplish. In these CureShows, after the guest learns the basic of curing, they go on to cure their specific disease. You may want to listen to the entire show, even if you don't have that disease, because you will find that many things that relate to the disease they cure ARE relevant to your situation.

Here are some CureShows that teach the basics, on a page about curing HSV-1 and HSV-2.




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