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blsprl.gif (820 bytes) Training person
testing hand   Results person


  • GUEST REQIREMENTS:   member of CureDrive / password to site / Lesson #1.
  • When in contact with a helper/caregiver: Don't have a Cure Show with the affected person until the helper has had at least one show on their own.
  • Pathologies
  • The 12 bodies
  • VIP Intro sections
  • Interact about their mission
  • Followup
  • Everyone:
    • support the guest in succeeding at testing -- not in getting a certain answer -- at the beginning
    • link higher bodies with everyone & support everyone silently that way throughout
    • Talking "across" what another team member is saying works quite well when you are supporting and giving additional depth and perspective to what he or she is saying, and not when you're interrupting. Preface interruptions with "excuse me."
    • Don't do parts of the outline that already have been addressed 
    • Once you ask the guest to test / remove, don't divert or even talk till she gets the answer or does the action.
    • If the guest sounds or seems mechanical, the harmonic will accomplish the objective of the test or action. However, this doesn't mean that he will tend to repeat the successful behavior or activity. To raise his tendency to repeat it, the mechanical aspect should be pointed out and the guest made aware of what he actually did. We need to create a cognition in the guest of what he's doing so that he'll repeat it on his own.
    • Beware of them attributing a sudden inability to test, a feeling of tiredness, wanting to stop, etc., etc., to something external -- don't buy it!
    • Take opportunities to point out that she is learning immunic actions that she can repeat on her own.

Focus on the person's God connection, and see what direction it seems to be taking us all in. Ask questions that enhance that God connection.


  • In-person guest arrives half an hour before beginning of show (if 8:15, he arrives at 7:45). Before show starts, get them testing.
  • We call phone-in guests 5 minutes before we want them to call us. Tell them to call 813/672-3419 at 8:15. Alternate number: 813/672-0134 (use if disconnected).

5 m

blsprl.gif (820 bytes)  Welcome to the Cure Show!  Tonight our guest is (NAME). 

First we'll introduce you to immunics
(OR FOR ADVANCED IMMUNER:) First we'll have you demonstrate immunics to our audience . . .

then we'll introduce ourselves, to you and the audience; then we'll introduce you, and tell you and the audience why you're here.

Then we'll do the Cure Show.

Let's do it.

Barb will show you how. Barb, take it away.

We will now train you to follow a thread of signals to a negative medical test, and beyond.

What do you think about that? (Hear what the guest has to say)

10 m


Start with finger signals using questions such as:

Can I cure things?

I am now connecting with my ability to cure things.

Once they get a signal, ask if there’s a difference. If yes, have them describe it in detail.

-- :05

CureTeam introduces themselves


NOTE: The time to introduce ourselves and what we've cured is after the guest has experienced a dramatic shift in perspective or a high point or breakthrough of some kind in her ability to test or cure.  If you have not done the introductions by this point, do them here.  If the person has not begun to test by now, cancel the show without going through  our introductions.

-- -- --

This is a good time to introduce ourselves and say a little about what we've cured.  Then we'll give you a chance to tell us something about yourself.  (NOTE:  With VIPs, we always give an empowering into & never ask them to introduce themselves.)

Cure Team members introduce themselves and give bottom-line descriptions of what they cured.  (30 seconds or less per person)

Order of the introduction at the Cure Show:

  1. Bayard
  2. Results/training teachers (Barb, Keely, Celeste, Bill)
  3. Greg
  4. Frannie

blsprl.gif (820 bytes) Ask guest to introduce herself:

  1. Where she's phoning in from
  2. Optional: Did you allow two hours to do this show? If no, an hour and a half?
  3. (With an advanced immuner) How far have you gotten with  curing things before the show? What do you usually do for yourself each day?
  4. What she wants to cure (get exact wording) - any symptoms now?
  5. What are the other things you do for your immune system?  (Repeat question until she tells you all of them)

-- :05

10 m



All my bodies are free of pathology.


When they get their signal, have them describe the difference, the good feeling.

Then tell them:

That feeling is the only signal that matters, because this signal gives you the thread that you follow. The other signals you get - disappearance of symptoms, negative medical test, or finger movement - do not necessarily mean you’re curing anything. This does.

When you do a curative action and feel a difference, you are a little closer to being cured.


If they don’t get a signal or a difference, have them try it again. 

If still no, tell them:  "Oh, goody! We’ve got some pathologies to remove."

Don't have them go body by body or try to get them to get a yes.

1. Introduce immunic actions / Get their testing up to speed

blsprl.gif (820 bytes) Now you're going to do a series of immunic actions.

testing hand   Do you know how to finger test?

(If yes, have her connect to her ability to control her immune system with the following step  If she can't test yet, use the following steps to show her how to test.)

testing hand  I want you to connect with your ability to control your immune system. Say:


And actually do it. Look for an involuntary signal in your fingers.  That tells you that you have done the immunic action. Getting the signal means yes.  The absence of a signal means no.

(Have them describe the kind of signal they got - what is their yes, and what is the difference between yes & no. They articulate their yes and their no.)

testing hand Is there any difference in you?  OR  What is that like? 

blsprl.gif (820 bytes)  What you just did is what we call an immunic action.

2. Introduce basic all-body immunic actions

    testing handAll my bodies are free of pathology.

If they don't get yes at first: "I'm removing all pathologies from all of my bodies" till they test yes on "All my bodies are free of pathology."

4.  Accelerate/extrapolate

testing hand Do you feel any different from when you started? OR What effect is doing all this having on you? OR Is there some fundamental difference in you as a result of  what you've done so far?

If yes, ask if they know what the difference is.  A difference in attitude or energy?  Any new thoughts or insights? 

If they say no difference, ask them to test whether there is a difference that they can't detect yet.

When someone says they feel lighter, more relaxed, anything people usually say when they connect or RIK, tell them:

blsprl.gif (820 bytes) That (calm clear place, good feeling, etc.) isn't just a good feeling. It indicates that you've altered your immune system.


blsprl.gif (820 bytes) Test: Does that indicate that I've altered my immune system?

This section is complete when she's on a groove with her testing, with clear yeses and nos.

-- :15

blsprl.gif (820 bytes) Tonight you're going to see - and do - exactly what we do.

-- :20

PHASE IV  - list of pathologies

Now we’re going to go back and show you how to follow threads.  The thread you follow will take you through the most precise and narrow places, which is eactly here the disease is the strongest and most entrenched.

Test through list of pathologies to find specific ones.

First you take it out of all the bodies, then you take one pathology and go body by body to find them.

blsprl.gif (820 bytes) We have a saying: First you remove it, then you remove it.  You did an all-body pathology removal earlier.  Now we're going to get more specific.

testing hand I'm holding the list of pathologies in front of me. You're going to test for an area to explore further. I'll name the areas.  

testing hand Do I have any pathologies in the (____) area?

2. Site testing demo - which pathologies

testing hand Now you're going to test through the specific pathologies in the (name the category she just got a yes on) to find which ones you've got.

-- :30m


1. All-body pathology removal

Go through each pathology in the category she got yes on.  When she gets yes on a particular pathology:

testing hand I am now removing (the pathology) from all my bodies.


testing hand Are all my bodies are free of (the pathology)?  till yes.

(With substance excess/deficiency & particle imbalance, use appropriate wording.)

Have her remove any pathologies she tests yes on.

blsprl.gif (820 bytes) Periodically, as you see fit, ask:

testing hand Was the (name of pathology) you just removed in the spiritual area? testing handemotional area? testing handphysical area?

testing hand If she brought in a condition to cure, you can ask from time to time:

testing hand Is the (pathology she just removed) a factor in my (condition/disease)?

blsprl.gif (820 bytes) Whenever she seems to have had something of a "wow," or when you think it's time:

testing hand Is there any difference in you? OR What effect did that have on you? OR Is there some fundamental difference in you as a result of  what you've done so far?

Have her describe it if she can.

When someone says they feel lighter, more relaxed, anything people usually say when they connect or RIK, tell them:

blsprl.gif (820 bytes) That (calm clear place, good feeling, etc.) isn't just a good feeling. It indicates that you've altered your immune system.

Then have her test:

blsprl.gif (820 bytes) Is there any difference in the thing you came in to clear up?

OK, let's see if you can remove it one body at a time.

testing hand Is there any (name the pathology) in my (      ) body?

Continue through the bodies to big bang.

After she does this successfully, go back to where you left off in the list of pathologies and continue with all-body pathology removal.

When she's not sure if she's completely removed one, have her test:

testing hand What percentage is left?  (Use this question to show her how to test how many)

till she's removed all traces and gets yes on "All my bodies are free of (name of pathology)."

If she doesn't get stuck, spend about 10m having her do this basic all-body pathology removal till it seems she's got the routine down.

blsprl.gif (820 bytes)  Periodically, as you see fit:

  • Ask if she feels any difference. What effect did doing that have on you?
  • Ask whether what she removed was spiritual / physical / emotional.

blsprl.gif (820 bytes) No matter what this feels like to you, what you're doing right now is the way we cured all these diseases. This is how Bayard removed his herpes, how Greg removed his sciatica, how I removed my (etc.). 

-- :45m


blsprl.gif (820 bytes) Let's check your 12 bodies, just like we did before.

testing hand Is there any (name of condition - e.g., cancer, rosacea) in any of my 12 bodies?

OR identify the underlying pathology and remove that.  For example, Kathleen accessed that her MS was a microbe, then accessed which microbial pathology it was and removed it body by body.

testing hand Do I have any (______) in my (______) body?

If yes,

I'm now removing the _____ from my ____ body.

Continue through the rest of the bodies.

blsprl.gif (820 bytes) The purpose of the cure show is not to cure the condition, it's to show you what's entailed in curing it.

blsprl.gif (820 bytes) Now test: Is there a difference in what I came to clear up? OR Is there some fundamental difference from what I've done so far?OR Do you sense any shift in yourself in any way -- physical, spiritual, mental, emotional -- or in your attitude toward your condition since we started working tonight?

blsprl.gif (820 bytes) Is the difference physical? Mental? Emotional? 

3. Know

blsprl.gif (820 bytes) There are three aspects of immunics - removing, installing, knowing - RIK.  Knowing is a result of removing and installing.

testing hand Stop for a moment and take a look:   What do you know now that you didn't know before?  About your (name of condition)? About anything else?

blsprl.gif (820 bytes)  You also create knowingness by using testing to get answers to any question. 

 testing hand Are there any substances that would accelerate my cure?

testing handIs there anything I'm doing physically that is slowing down or interfering  with my cure?

blsprl.gif (820 bytes)  Do you see any additional questions you can ask?  (Have her ask them.)


1. Consolidate / what's next

testing hand Did some of the answers I've gotten come from God? All? From angels? My spirit guide?

blsprl.gif (820 bytes)Can you see any new responses or behaviors that will come naturally to you as a result of anything you've removed or installed tonight?   (Have her describe.)

testing hand  Ask any of these that seem appropriate and not redundant:

  • Ask if she feels any difference in her symptoms (if she had any) - or have her test: Am I different than when we began?  (If yes, how?)
  • Is there a difference in the way you relate to or feel about what you want to cure?

testing hand Are there personal tendencies that are likely to interfere with doing immunics?
testing hand Are there things in your life that are likely to interfere with doing immunics?

PHASE X - never omit

blsprl.gif (820 bytes) It's been wonderful (etc.) - good-night.

-- :90      


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