The Way of Immunity
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Frannie Hora's cure team
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For actually there were no roads to begin with, but when many people pass one way a road is made.

- Lu Hsun

  Contact team guidelines

Welcome to the contact team!

Our mission is to find the person we need -- and it will probably be one person, a needle in a haystack, -- that will cause immunics to tip into total media exposure. This is the only mission of the contact team, and there are many sub-goals to achieve that will increase the probability of its accomplishment. That's why we must ask each other to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Play for the team, not alone.
  2. Set up your communications and systems for maximum smooth team operation.
  3. Make your contacts in the most personal way possible.
  4. Wherever possible use e-mails to make your contacts, since you can CC to the whole team, thus enhancing team effort and information exchange. We get ideas from reading your e-mails to the people that you are contacting!
  5. CC each e-mail to the Cure team and the contact team (they may not always be the same people).
  6. Get to know and like the person who you're contacting before writing. If you find that is taking longer than a minute, it means: you need to do some immunic actions to adjust yourself -- you're out of whack and being negative about people; you should not be writing to the person, nor should any of the rest of us.
  7. Keep track of whom other people are contacting and what they say to those people, so that your communications mesh with theirs and express new things. You don't want to send exactly the same letter that someone you're contacting got yesterday from another of us.
  8. If one of us can write to someone, we all can.
  9. Say the prayer throughout the day.
  10. Throughout the day, do this immunic action: "I am now attracting all the important people in the world to me."
  11. Have fun with the people you contact while you're writing to them, and while you're talking to them when they contact you back.
  12. Thoroughly read and mean every word of any accompanying letter you send.
  13. Be prepared to answer questions about immunics and the Cure Show with statements from the letters you send -- yours and the ones accompanying it -- without changing the meaning of those statements when you put them into your own words. Practice putting them into your own words.
  14. Expect people you write to want to talk to you on the phone. Get yourself turned on by the prospect of speaking to them, and of making a new friend!
  15. When someone leaves you a message asking you to call them, you must return the call within six hours.
  16. Return calls with a buddy conferenced in. Two heads are better than one! Play some roles with your buddy before you return the call, where you play the person you're calling and your buddy plays you. Never play yourself in one of these roleplays unless specifically instructed to by a supervising Cure team member.
  17. When the person you're contacting is an old unimportant friend call the person, or return their call, by yourself, or with a buddy who you have a good reason to have on the phone with you. But, if you have talked to your old, important friend recently, call back with a buddy. The best buddy to call with is Bayard: second-best; Frannie. This guideline does not apply to business our philanthropic acquaintances, or to anyone but old friends with whom you're interactions were strictly social -- with anybody else, call with buddy.
  18. When speaking to people, represent yourself as part of a group of volunteers doing this project, not a single individual acting alone. Remember, you spoke of "your colleagues" in your letter.
  19. Be in awe of no one and a friend to all.
  20. Show and give love to everyone you encounter throughout the day. Use Gary Zukav's principles: cooperation, sharing, respect for life. Be completely intensely involved, with no attachment to outcomes.
  21. Be willing for people, especially the people whom you contact, to go their own way, in their own way.
  22. Put your own physical, emotional, and spiritual well being above everything -- any outside results.
  23. Keep yourself happy in making the right choices at all times.
  24. Remember all these guidelines and be able to rattle them off word for word when asked to (tee hee).

You are part of Frannie Hora's Cure team. Congratulations! There is more information about the team, and audios and instruction to listen to, on this page.

Use this information to train yourself to do this job. Test which things to read or listen to first. Use testing for everything.


A welcome note from Frances Hora
The Cure Team Subhub
The Press Kit

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