The Way of Immunity
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   Cure Team Guidelines

Be immune with yourself, for yourself, by yourself.  Kill diseases and clear problems.  Keep clear.

Immunity is something you do for yourself.  It is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  Take responsibility for keeping yourself clear, because that is the most powerful way to approach this - or anything.

The learning never stops

Know your wealth.  Know you have chosen your life.

Look around and see the wealth you have in your life.  Acknowledge, learn from, and enjoy what you have manifested.  Make conscious choices about what to manifest next.  Use Immunics to help you do that.

Bring everyone around you into Immunics.

Share and show Immunics to everyone around you.

Be big -- adult, calm, rational.

Listen to the talks on the sub-hub, and come from a place of having them under your belt.

Listen to the talks on the Cure Team sub-hub and act from the knowledge you get from them.

Make suggestions and create improvements.  When you see something wrong, put in correction.  Be as responsible for this as Bayard.

Support one another in immunity and make that support absolute.

Cure Team conversations are privileged conversations.  Don't tell anyone else anything that transpires in a Cure Team conversation, even if they are Colleagues. BUT you can and should tell people what you're discovering as a Cure Team.

Tell people what you discover about yourself. Protect the privacy of your triad members and the confidentiality of your meetings.  Don't share other people's issues by name.

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