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   So what's a cure team?

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We who have volunteered for Frannie Hora's Cure Team are not health professionals, but we've all cured things. If there is one element that illuminates the special benefits of immunics, it's the startling variety of diseases we have cured. Barb Retson cured herself of herpes simplex and controls Epstein-Barr. Celeste Turner cured her lupus and secondary fibromyalgia. The aforementioned Bill Pelle cured himself of hepatitis B. Keely Stahl cured a potentially terminal liver condition and removed a tendency toward fibrocystic breasts. Greg Morkovin cured his sciatica. Frannie Hora removed her allergies and heart arrhythmia. I cured two kinds of herpes, HSV 1 and 2. None of us has had a cold or flu in years. The seven of us comprise the Cure Team.

Our commitment is to show people how to cure things in public for free. We try to be as public as possible about this -- we feel television is best, but we'll take anything that comes our way, as long as it's not too much trouble and we have time to do it. Since immunics can be taught over the phone, and most interviews can be conducted that way, it's usually not a problem for us to show up.

90% of life is showing up.

-- Woody Allen.

Here some letters we wrote to the Clintons, inviting them.

Here are some of the promises we made when we joined the cure team.

  • We teach people how to cure things in public, for free, whenever and wherever we can.
  • We stand ready to go on radio or television.
  • We show up once or twice a week for two hours to put on the Cure Show, which we record and broadcast over the Internet.
  • We keep ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually immune, and inspire each other to do the same.

All the members of the Cure team live, at this time, in cities in the United States.

We are open to supporting and training people in other countries to form their own Cure Teams, and we are willing to air their Cure Shows on our web site. Such a Cure Team should, however, set its sights on doing shows on local radio or TV in their native language and country.

We have tried to codify the teaching of the Cure Show, to make it simple, with these outlines.

If you need our help, or want to give yours, get in touch!

Love and hugs,

frannie and daisy's puppy