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An article: Should the US give the HIV cocktail to Africa? Yes! Here's why. . .

Since we're getting the kind of results that you hear in the Cure Shows and their follow-ups, you might assume that we are against giving the HIV cocktail to Africa or having Americans pay for the drugs. If anything, immunics will make it more likely that we'll pay for the drugs. When people do immunics, they become kinder and more giving. Plus immunics enhances other treatments, and in my experience it's not a good idea to try to cure something with immunics without doing everything else possible, including drugs if they're needed.

You can't save Africa or save the world with immunics. People will teach themselves immunics at their own pace, in Africa as well as anywhere else. And people will be a lot more likely to teach immunics to themselves if they have the other things they need -- employment, food, education, drugs, moral support, etc. We want immunics to reduce the stress that people are under, not create more stress by telling them we won't pay for other things that will save their lives.

But, if we can get enough people doing immunics as quickly as possible, it will be much easier to induce the American people to spend the $2.2 billion that's needed to get those drugs to Africa this year, not to mention all the other direct actions that may have to happen on the way to that result. Immunics makes us less scared to take powerful, persistent, direct action.

To put it another way, the more immunics we do, the less struggle and suffering any of us will have to deal with, and the more likely it will be that we will have sufficient energy, attention, and interest to help our African neighbors -- to care about the people we love but haven't met yet.

We can all be immunizing factors in the global immune system. Are we? No. Not till we make ourselves so -- and that's a moment-by-moment proposition. Together we are global immunity.

Perhaps you think I'm saying that immunics is ineffective against HIV. I want to tell you that I have had the privilege of personally witnessing several people kill HIV, among them Chuck LaSpata, whose interview is in the Cure College.

HIV removal is like no other disease cure I have ever witnessed. Many of the people I've seen do it became dizzy and nauseated at first. And many of the removals went slowly -- up to half a day, which I can tell you from experience is unusually long for removing a disease; most people you hear on the Cure Show remove a virus, for example, in 30-90 seconds.

Watching people remove HIV was moving. It was frightening. It was inspiring.

When they completed the removal, they felt great. They also looked and sounded different. There was an emotional component that accompanied HIV which immediately disappeared when the virus was removed.

The truth is, immunics is very easy to do. It's simple, effective, very fast. It's instantly "feel-able." It's always available wherever the person is. They don't have to make an appointment to do it, pay anyone to do it, travel anywhere to do it. It's God doing it with them. And when they do it for a while, they develop a major God connection from doing it. Many people who didn't believe in God start to when they do immunics.

Immunics actually enhances the HIV cocktail, because with it, the person can remove allergies to the drugs, bring down the viral load, increase the T cell count, and onward from there.

Since immunics works so well with allopathy-- or for any other form of medicine for that matter, it's the opinion of every immunics master that I know that they should be used together in all cases where the outcome would be doubtful. Let's keep everybody alive.

Let's give the Africans the drugs, before it's too late.

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