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   Types of support, types of immuners

The problem

Here's a talk about this.

Choose 1 from column A, 1 from Column B.


  1. Global warpath: In touch with the value. Total commitment to push past dysfunctions that interfere.
  2. Functional: Gives what they feel able and willing to do.
  3. Dysfunctional: Supports it, but not as much as they want to.
  4. Switched: Does not want to support it.


  1. Adept: Cures disease.
  2. Proactive: Uses immunics to help others.
  3. Doubt: Cures disease but some disbelief. 
  4. Likes: Uses immunics, does not cure disease.
  5. Distant: Commits because of a person.
  6. Inept: Can't use immunics to cure the disease that he/she wants to cure BUT he/she is an immuner.

Now will you all please print out this list, twist and curl your sheet of paper into a conical shape - sphere is best.. cone will do.. then spin on its axis and let your finger land on one of the items on the list. That item represents where you are at that place in space and time (in this dimension).

Best done in sets of three spins each. Makes a great Harmonic party game.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Retson
Santa Fe, NM

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