The Way of Immunity
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   Module: Yesterday's benefits

Paradigm shift: they see they got something that lasted

Test: Do Quiz first?

Do you have any benefits from accessing what we did yesterday?

First tell me (don't test) benefits you can actually see. Now test and tell me what some of them are.

Effects in you in terms of the key interests?

Are there any benefits you experienced from yesterday that you've lost between yesterday and now? (First answer off the top of your head without testing, then test.)

If you get a yes, access and tell me what those benefits are and reassimilate them.

Were there some directions that you set yesterday that you took? Can you name those?

Tell me (without testing) if you are still in that new direction now.  Now test if you are.

Are there some ways that benefits you got from yesterday have benefited the people around you? Can  you name the person and those beneficial effects?

Are there further effects that haven't happened yet that can be expected in other people from the benefits that you got yesterday? Name the people and what those expected effects are.

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