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Now that you know people cure things, isn't it time you wore a T-shirt that says so?

My favorite story about this:

Susie Linquist is an aspiring professional photographer whose day job is serving coffee. She often wears one of the cute little numbers we feature. And often, she recounts, when her boss walks in, he sees hands on the counter, testing, as she shows immunics to people who asked her about the Cure Drive.

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Stationery stores also sell packages of computer-printable labels for do-it-yourself products.You can iron on the fronts and backs of winter outerwear or your favorite clothes. So if you live where it's cold, to make this method foolproof you probably ought to just get a package. More people will see it that way, and you'll save more lives.

Here's the page to have a look at those, with some ideas for how to use them:

You could also paint the tally on the back of your jacket. The ones I've seen looked cool, but that was because the people who did it were good at painting things on clothing.

It makes your friends so happy when every time they look at your chest they are reminded.  And your opponents just fade back into the woodwork.


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