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  Philadelphia Harmonic
Clinic Talk:
September 3, 1998
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Worldwide surveillance would eventually reveal that millions of people were infected with the hepatitis B virus, about 15 percent were chronically ill, and as a result, perhaps 5 million developed liver cancer every year.

- Laurie Garrett, The Coming Plague

Interview with Bill Pelle,
who cured hepatitis B 

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Running time: 13 mins

Bill is available to talk about HIV and hepatitis:


Bayard Barnes (BB): We're with Bill Pelle, who killed hepatitis B and some other things with the Harmonic. I've decided to interview him. He's a Harmonic master. And I'm interviewing him specifically for the hepatitis B story, because one thing we're doing is a hepatitis B cure trial, and I think it would help people with hepatitis to get what Bill's experience was. Let me start with your full name.

Bill Pelle (BP): Bill Pelle.

BB: What do you do for a living?

BP: I'm a consultant.

BB: Tell us a little about your career. We just want to know a little about you. Kind of draw a picture of yourself.

BP: Well, I was an executive with the federal government for many years, mostly in the field of management and urban development.

BB: And also you were one of the first out gays in the government. Now out gays are something the government is proud of. They're an equal opportunity employer and all that good stuff. But back in the days when you had your ear pierced and you went to work with an earring, I seem to remember that you were - when did we meet?

BP: 1981. And that was just about the time I came out. It was soon after Reagan was elected, and all my friends and peers were saying, "Oh, this is the wrong time to do that." I just defied that reality. I just felt really challenged and decided to do it anyway.

BB: So you were one of the groundbreakers of gay rights in the government.

BP: I've always been a pioneer. Yeah, I sort of like being a pioneer. It's more fun.

BB: Maybe I influenced you a little bit to do that?

BP: Yeah.

BB: Actually you started assisting me of and on ever since, as a volunteer, an unpaid volunteer, since 1981.

BP: Yeah.

BB: So when did you learn Harmonic accessing from me? Do you remember?

BP: Soon after you discovered it.

BB: Do you remember where and when?

BP: Well, I guess your first discovery, it was in its embryonic form - was in Anguilla.

OK, you were in Anguilla.

BP: Yeah.

BB: Right. I used to do big management seminars. The one in Anguilla was called Pivotal Elements of Strategy via Marketing. We had courses with names like that. So you were in that and I taught everybody in the course Harmonic accessing. That's right. What I knew of it, which wasn't very much. Boy, I'll tell you. The people who do Your Accessing Skill get more in seven days, probably, than the people in the course did in their seven days of personal work and interaction with us. It was in such an infancy stage back then.

OK, on to the hepatitis B thing. How did you discover - you went to the doctor, right? Now your doctor diagnosed you. What method of diagnosis did you doctor use to know that you had hepatitis B?

BP: He did some kind of a test.

BB: What test? What was it?

BP: It was basically a blood test. And discovered that I had it. And he had ordered some -

BB: So after the blood test, he ordered some medicine. Do you know the name of the medication he ordered for you?

BP: I think it was gamma globulin shots or something like that.

BB: How long ago is this now? A couple years ago, right?

BP: Yeah, about three or four years ago.

BB: OK, so you actually got Harmonic accessing in '93 in Anguilla. That was July of '93. That was when I cured my herpes, as a matter of fact. Right after Anguilla. In '95 you go to your doctor. He takes this test and he says, "OK, you've got hepatitis B. I'm ordering a treatment regimen for you." Now when did you go back to him to be retested and get the treatment regimen? How long was the time lapse between the diagnosis and the return visit? Was it a week? Two weeks? Three weeks? A month? How long was it?

BP: Within a month.

BB: So it was within a month. OK, but you can't remember exactly how many weeks. So you go back. And he retests you. Is that what happens? What happened then?

BP: Yeah, I think he retested me, and he said that it wasn't there and I didn't need the medication anymore.

BB: So you never took the regimen.

BP: No.

BB: Now do you have any idea how you got rid of the hepatitis B?

BP: Well, by removing it from my bodies, my higher bodies.

BB: Specifically can you remember which bodies you removed it from? Or you just said "my higher bodies," or how did you do it?

BP: I don't remember specifically. Actually I accessed and found out specific bodies that it was in and removed it from those respective bodies. But I don't remember exactly what those bodies were.

BB: So what you're telling me is throughout the day, you would keep retesting yourself, going through all of your bodies, yes? Is that right?

BP: Right.

BB: And then you took it out of the bodies you found it in.

BP: Right. And I correspondingly installed a reflexive kind of behavior where I would, which had the effect of me just immunizing myself against this and other diseases, certain other diseases.

BB: Do you remember what that was? What did you say exactly? I am now doing what? What was the Immunic action you did?

BP: Well, I removed and reformed certain higher bodies, and then after that I installed certain kinds of reflexive behaviors that had the effect of immunizing myself. So my experience of myself now is there are certain things, certain diseases, including viruses, that I just won't get even if I'm exposed to them.

BB: Like HIV.

BP: Yeah. That's one of them.

BB: OK. One more thing. Maybe you want to tell that little story about the flu when you came to my party that night, because that might inspire some people.

BP: Well, I experience myself as a pretty strong person. And yet there are often times when I'm walking around a little unconscious. And part of my unconsciousness is not knowing the tools I have that I could use to rid myself of certain negativity. So this particular night I came in. It was atypical of me because I very, very seldom get sick, even get things like common colds. This night I was sort of like in one of my unconscious states. You reminded me that I could simply get rid of my flu using my Harmonic skills. So I elected to do that. I accessed to see what I needed to do. And I did it, and within half an hour all of my flu symptoms had disappeared. Literally.

BB: What stage was your flu at when you erased it?

BP: It had gotten into full -

BB: You were red as a beet. That's what I saw.

BP: Yeah. It was somewhere between the beginning and the middle stage. It wasn't like really nipping it in the bud.

BB: Right. Well, you know, maybe because you don't get sick that often, you forget what your skills are.

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But there's something else that can be at work. Illnesses affect the host not to know it can defeat the illness. And they have various ways of doing that, which are beyond the scope of this interview, but which you will learn from the skills on the Web site as you progress through the skills. And of course, we have a skill about purging and reclaiming your immune system. See, most people's immune systems are filled with dysfunctional responses. Filled with them. And of course they also have some functional responses in there, too, or they'd be dead. The dysfunctional responses interfere with the functional responses. And one way that happens is they may just slow down the functional responses so that the person can heal. Did you ever notice that you get sick first and then your immune system kicks in? That's not the way it's supposed to be. That's not the way it is with me; I never get sick because my immune system kicks in. Boom! Out. Because I'm sure that I inhale and ingest plenty of pathogens every day. Physical pathogens.

This is good. Thank you for talking with us. Thank you, Bill.

BP: You're welcome.

BB: Yeah. Thanks for supporting everybody in being well.

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