I'm filming a documentary about curing cancer and viral-based diseases. I need a random sampling of people I have not previously met.

If you have such a disease, please volunteer to spend 20 minutes - preferably now, or by appointment - to be filmed using immunics to cure it. Immunics is a spiritual/scientific way to control and boost your immune system that produces such strong immunological responses it can eradicate a small cancer in a week. This is not alternative medicine - it is complementary to your doctor's treatment.

You will learn a powerful skill and help other people do the same. These films are already helping thousands of people teach themselves how to do this on the World Wide Web.

1_barb_bry2.jpg (7997 bytes) Barb Retson
Santa Fe, NM

phone.gif (767 bytes)(USA) 505 310-3515

Caregiver and Harmonic master, with Bryan Masters, a friend with ALS.

The Way of Immunity