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Cure Shows on allergies

   Co-factors in allergies

This is not a complete list.  We have given you some starting points intended to spur your own further inquiries into curing allergies.  


1. an abnormal reaction of the body to a previously encountered allergen introduced by inhalation, ingestion, injection, or skin contact, often manifested by itchy eyes, runny nose, wheezing, skin rash, or diarrhea.
2. hypersensitivity to the reintroduction of an allergen.
3. (informal) a strong dislike or aversion, as toward a person or activity: He has an allergy to hard work.

Co-factors -- some factors that cause us to be susceptible to allergies:

  1. General immmune system imbalance - hypoactivity or hyperactivity
  2. DNA codes
  3. Microbial pathologies
  4. Held pathologies
  5. Non-removable pathologies
  6. Other immune dysfunctions (allergies themselves are an immune dysfunction)
  7. Organ problems
  8. Trauma
  9. Stress
  10. Environmental factors and toxins  

Some lessons that are relevant to curing allergies:

Other than addressing allergies specifically by removing them from each body, the main action is the Basic All-Body Pathology Removal.

Additional lessons and actions to test through -- some of these might be specific for you:

Hear others curing allergies in the Cure Show

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