The Way of Immunity
Alcohol addiction - alternative treatment
Would you like a simple, spiritual adjunct and support to your 12-Step program?

Learn a simple, powerful, portable skill that will increase your chances of creating a harmonious relationship with alcohol using 12-Step or any other recovery program.

Discover the truth about what you've been calling "addiction."

You can probably pick this up most easily with your on-line tutorial audios and movies, though there are also text tutorials.

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The advantage with the audio and movie tutorials is that you'll see and hear people do this, and you may find it easy to do it yourself after a few minutes of listening or watching.

Addiction is an immune dysfunction - something you do instead of being immune. Cure yourself of addiction forever by recognizing  and developing what it takes to create true immunity
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If you have not yet taught yourself Your Accessing Skill, please do so now - 

Because the Accessing Skill will give you the basic skills you need to win with your 12-Step program for alcohol abuse. 

Because accessing will enable you to see how you will develop the ability to make the best choices about your addiction to alcohol.

And because accessing will make you happy.


Comprehensive Version

an instructional documentary film about your instant way to remove, install and know

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