The Way of Immunity
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Chakra balancing: do-it-yourself
Sometimes a slight adjustment to the spin of just one of your chakras will make a world of difference for your entire body

In many cases, personal health and balance is enhanced simply by moving your awareness into one or more of your chakras and making the proper adjustment.

You can easily see some of your own chakra adjustment abilities by at first doing 15 - 45 minutes of immunics. With a few days of practice you can adjust your chakras in seconds. You can teach yourself this skill quickly and for free, no password required, with any of the following web tutorials:

Your Basic Immunics Film Tutorial.

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In the online radio Cure Show you'll hear people - mostly first-timers - doing immunics, curing various diseases, and achieving a stress-free, immune state on the air with the Cure Team.

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In the comprehensive version you'll see 100+ people, including over 15 doctors, demonstrate various aspects of immunics.

If your computer won't play movies or audio, you may still relate to Your Plain Text Basic Immunics Tutorial.    

Plus you can train yourself to use your new skill to save lives.

decorative rose photo And remember: No password is required to use your primary tutorials to get yourself started curing things with immunics.

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Repair damaged chakras A bad feeling can be a simple problem with one of your chakras Your etheric, "chakra" body can be hurt by something as seemingly benign as a sudden loud sound or a friends' negative remark. If you can identify hurt chakras, you can repair them by yourself.
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