The Way of Immunity
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Teach yourself Caroline Myss style healing
Chakra balancing 


intuitive healing abilities are easily seen by doing 15 - 30 minutes of immunics. If you continue this over time they can flower into medical intuition. You can teach yourself immunics quickly and for free, no password required, with any of the following primary tutorials:

Your Basic Immunics Film Tutorial.

If your computer won't play movies or audio, you may still relate to Your Plain Text Basic Immunics Tutorial.

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And remember: No password is required to use your primary tutorials to get yourself started curing things with immunics.

Caroline Myss: master of intuitive healing
Can you improve your health while training yourself to diagnose using your own powers of medical intuition the way Caroline Myss does?

Improve your medical intuition and help yourself recognize and correct imbalances in your chakras and other aspects of your subtle bodies - even before you consult your medical professional.

You may not have the intuitive experience and expertise of a master of medical intuition like Caroline Myss, but with a little training you can appreciate her work more and begin to develop at least a few of her extraordinary abilities.

You can easily see some of your own intuitive healing abilities by doing 15 - 30 minutes of immunics. You can teach yourself immunics quickly and for free, no password required with these web tutorials.

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In the online radio Cure Show you'll hear people - mostly first-timers - doing immunics, curing various diseases, and achieving a stress-free, immune state on the air with the Cure Team.