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Remove and Install

Lesson : Some things that can be removed and/or installed

I hesitate a bit in creating this list because one result I don't want is for you to limit your abilities to remove and install by not expanding beyond this list. So use these items as examples, and discover deeper ways to use your removal and installation skills for the benefit of humanity. We will trumpet your brilliance throughout the land when you do.

If you need to, consult the list of bodies to be sure your removal/installation is complete. Then test to see whether it is complete, and do whatever else is necessary.

Removing or installing the things below, and the other things not listed here, may not truly be accomplished with one or even a series of basic removal or installation procedures. Addictions and conditions are good examples of things you may need to work on heart and soul for many moons in order to completely remove the behaviors that resulted from them over time, not to mention the inclination to re-install the thinsg you removed and remove the things you installed. We have given you the following lists to help get you started. The removals and installations you discover on your own may be the most crucial ones of all. Don't stop here - be diligent and persistent.

Act as if there were no one on earth but you and no one in Heaven but God.

- al-Antaki (Deacon Abdallah al-Fadel al-Antaki)


  • pathologies
  • immune dysfunctions
  • destructive codes in your DNA
  • destructive shields
  • trauma
  • yeast.
  • allergies
  • conditions


  • positive DNA codes
  • functions
  • proactions
  • a natural reflex to test and access
  • a reflex to go to your highest good dimension
  • human qualities
  • necessary shields
  • repentance

testing hand Now ask:

Is there anything else it is crucial for me to remove now?

If no: Would I be able to test for it if there were?

If yes: How many things?

What new skills am I ready for now that I have removed these things? (once you test which skill, go to the skill and test down the table of contents of lessons in that skill)

Do the removal now.

Again, ask if there's anything else you need to remove - since one removal might unmask other necessary removals you were not able to access before you did the original removal.

Keep doing this until you test that there is nothing else you need to remove.

Then follow the same steps above, starting with the following question:

testing hand

Is there anything it is crucial for me to install now?


What new skills am I ready for now that I have removed these things? (again, test which skill(s), go to the skill, and test down the TOC of lessons in it)

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