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   Access? Test? This whole site will sound just like every other piece of good New Age psychobabble you've ever heard -- unless . . .

You will see hands like this testing handall over. They mean "test," or "access." The hands are reminders to slow down and start accessing, to test, to verify what you read, to get your own information.

The most of the information on this site is worthless without the ability to access. 

Because this ability makes it possible for you to check and assess that information.

It's the ability to test your intuitions before you jump into the fire - before you do what you may be intuiting, or may just be hoping or thinking will work. Yes, that means you can separate your intuition from your hopes, fears, from the rest of your "stuff," with this testing.

It makes immunics dependable.

It's the biggest time saver you've ever found.

It enables you to process vast amounts of information quickly and easily. It also enables actual non-physical actions that result in, for example, the ending of physical illnesses, such as herpes outbreaks or flu.

You could say that if the Harmonic is like a portable computer in the sky,

then testing is the mouse.

(Does that make intuition the keyboard?)

This simple, portable, dependable testing skill, utilizes and builds on testing methods used by tens of thousands of people. Many but not all of them are doctors, nurses, and other healing professionals.     

People have two common problems with accessing, either of which may interfere with you teaching it to yourself




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