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   Get addicted to feeling good

We know you're an addict. You can't fool us. Everybody's got their addictions.

Sometimes we call them cravings. That's where you want to put something in your body.

Sometimes we call them emotional reactions. That's -- well never mind, we all know what that's about.

Addictions are what we do with ourselves when we have nothing constructive to do.

Or when we seem temporarily or permanently to have run out of choices.

Addictions are dysfunctions of your immune system.

They are actually attempts at immunity.

Immunity to feeling bad. Immunity to negative outcomes. Immunity to feeling anything at all. Immunity to the fear of what we may not even know we fear.

Give up your denial, and give up hope. Stop hoping that someday, magically, something -- this Web site, for example -- is going to come along and cure your addiction.

You can cure your herpes, but addiction will always be an option.

However, you can get addicted to the greatest thing in the world: happiness.

Feeling good. Love.

You can be addicted to health.

To wealth.

You may see wealth as a pathological addiction, and it can be. But it doesn't have to be. Material wealth can be a very positive thing if it's used properly.

You can get addicted to making other people happy. You may see that as a pathology -- and making other people happy can be. But it can also be a really positive activity, as well as the source of your own ecstasy.

We're going to show you a lot of ways to be happy, to be pathology free. We're going to show you the calm, clear place.

With what we give you, you're going to discover your own ecstasy.

Get addicted to the good stuff.

Replace the destructive addictions with the good stuff.

Happiness and ecstasy are great ways to kill time when you run out of choices.

And they really do lead you to discover choices you couldn't see without them.

You don't have to be a full-fledged addict in a Twelve-Step program to have addictions. But these methods of addiction replacement are just as effective for a full-fledged addict.

And your Twelve-Step group can be licensed to use our materials.

Get addicted to feeling good. Aren't we already?

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