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The Creed of WHUM

CureTube - Barb
"I thought this would spread like a brushfire."
CureTube - Barb
"It was like they were praying."
We shall not cease from exploration / And the end of all our exploring / Will be to arrive where we started / And know the place for the first time.
- T.S. Eliot


Scientific research is the purest form of adoration of God.
- Teilhard de Chardin

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CureTube - Greg
". . make the biggest difference here."

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CureTube - Cathy
"I get to do it better."

Namaste Bayard,
This is my third day on the site. I am one of those who couldn't afford it but put it on my credit card anyway, as this is that important. And nine dollars, my goodness, I will make myself afford it! (I thought the price was a typo.) I watched the movies straight through and then went back and watched the first half again. The more I did the accessing, the finger checking, the more I started to remember something.

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CureTube - Shelley
A Newbie Connects With God


CureTube - ED telling BABA story
Presenting Meher Baba
Part 1  
CureTube - ED telling BABA story
Presenting Meher Baba
Part 2   

Thirty years ago, I sat down
one day and asked God if S/he was real and said if you don't answer me in a way I can understand then that's a no and I'm not asking again. I wasn't being arrogant, I was just done with the begging game. Boom! I was hit with a bolt that ran through my spine and filled my body, and suddenly there was Presence inside. I started asking questions and the answers came. At that time, there was a radiance that I saw visually, and when a choice came up, I would ask, and the way to go would be illumined. I loved it. I called it Silentsinger.

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CureTube - Barb
Functions as proactions by group - Barb
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CureTube -Risa
Immunics, the Talmud and her boyfriend

Religious / Spiritual testing

spiritual insights

Dr. Armando Souffrent,
Catholic Priest - release

Desaree - Conversations
with God

Sometimes I would be guided to pick up a guitar and this music would pour out of my mouth, complete songs, all devotional, many from the perspective of God talking to me. This lasted for a year and then one day it stopped. There was only void. I was disconnected and could not find a way to get this back. Until last Friday. Someone who attuned me to Reiki from the UK sent me an email with your web address. I noticed today that I am beginning to perceive that 'guiding light' again as I go through the site. Thank you for this, and here is a big hug, heart to heart

-- Maureen Nielson

CureTube - Angelo
"The real power is in the spiritual connection."


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