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   Kids do great with this

As you can see from the following e-mails, kids do great with this.   So do women and gay men.  And if you're not a woman or a gay man, it would be a good idea to buddy with one -- they're often way more intuitive!

I took the plunge tonight and taught my husband and son the connection skill. My 10-year-old (but very skeptical) son connected immediately. My husband did not, but hopefully he will continue to try. I printed out for him the pages on what to do if you can't connect. Anything spiritual seems to meet with great resistance with him.

My son Max did some great work with the Harmonic. Max has a problem with being very overweight, which developed when he was about 4 1/2 years of age and has grown more serious each year. He does not consume huge amounts of food, but keeps gaining weight. He is 10, his height is 5' 1" and he weighs 227 lbs. Anyway, I had asked the Harmonic about his weight problem a few days ago. When I taught him the connection skill tonight, he asked about it and he was told he could fix the problem himself! That got him very excited. Max has been a vegetarian his whole life (the rest of us are not). One of the things he asked is if eating some kind of meat would be helpful to him in losing weight. He was told yes. He was told to stop eating all types of breads for one week. He was told to stop drinking a certain bottled drink- Sobe Elixir, but that two other Sobe drinks were ok. He was told other specifics about what to eat. He is going to do what the Harmonic said and we will let you know the results. Max's weight has been a cause of heartbreak to all of us as he is a beautiful child, very bright, very powerful mind, very creative, witty, etc...and very unhappy because he is so overweight.

I also cleared some things related to Max's weight for myself. I asked if I had, somehow, passed Max's weight problem onto him or caused it in some way. I was told no. I then asked if his father had, and the answer was yes. So I taught Max how to clear his energy fields. It was really funny the first time around. I had him stand up and hold his hands over his head and say, "I am clearing all my energy fields," while passing his hands down his sides, palms inward. When he got to the bottom (the floor), I told him to lift up what he had removed and lift it up with his palms raised and ask God to take it and use it for something else. My son made a big joke about it (he doesn't believe in God) and then went to step forward and burst out, "What am I supposed to do with this?!" And I said, "With what?" And he said, "Now I have this big chunk of stuff at my feet!" And I said, Well, you didn't really pick it up, now did you?" And he said, "No, I didn't; but this can't be real!" And I said, "Well, you better pick it up and get rid of it!" So he lifted it and said, "Mom, this is really heavy!" And I said, "Yes, but you can do it!" So he did and then he said, " Now what do I do with it?" So I told him to apologize to God for being such a smart aleck, and then ask God to please take it. So he did. I was rolling on the floor laughing inside when he realized there was a real mass at his feet, and when it took real effort for him to lift it up! He might not totally believe in God yet, but he sure believes there's something he hasn't yet figured out!


I taught all my nieces and nephews (6 of them) how to test starting when they were pretty young. One day my sister called me up laughing hysterically to tell me that she and her son were in the middle of an argument when he suddenly put his hands behind his back and started moving his fingers.  When she asked him what he was doing, he said, "I'm testing to see whether you're lying to me!"


Hi -- I have reported in the past to the Cure Drive that I am teaching my son immunics.  He started around 4.  Not too interested in it then. He is now almost 6 and he had a real breakthrough this summer.

Liam now seems very willing to test for himself.   He usually wants me to do it with him and tell him the bodies.  He removed a reaction from the water from his hands one day (after we finished swimming).  About one week later he had this reaction again, but I was not around.  He told me that night that he had the reaction again and removed it after he got out of the water.  I am so proud.  He is finally starting to connect feeling well and immunics and how he can cure himself, without my help.

One thing I think that I did that will be helpful to those parents out there, like me, who are showing their children is this...... when he caught something and refused to test and clear it, I'd say to him, "Make the choice . . . you can either be sick, have a sore throat and snotty nose, or be okay and go and play or go to baseball or go to gymnastics, etc."  He seemed to understand that there was a consequence in his choice.

He also tested about a contact allergy he had (which was from a visiting dog) at the dinner table with a bunch of relatives.  The table went very quiet while he tested what he was allergic to and then did an all-body removal.  I was beaming proud.  My son is teaching me to be brave!!

Love it!


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