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   Snuff a symptom, gouge a chunk out of a disease

It's usual to belittle symptomatic relief.

All forms of healing, whether alternative or allopathic, put down symptomatic relief. Symptomatic relief is supposedly, by Western medical standards, what you get in the drugstore, not what you get from your doctor. And many alternative practitioners accuse doctors of providing only symptomatic relief.

But all these healing practitioners are also aware that when you see a symptom fade, you may well be witnessing the disappearance of a disease from the body.

This is why we teach you to address and remove symptoms directly. When you feel that certainty that you've killed a symptom, and then you watch it disappear in an hour or a day, you can safely congratulate yourself. You struck a real blow against your illness.

Most illnesses Harmonic masters address are not physical.

Most symptoms Harmonic masters eradicate are in the life of the Harmonic master and in her environment. Your symptom may be not enough money, too little time, blocked love, miscommunication, passivity. All these symptoms, and others, indicate non-physical diseases that would surely have turned physical at some point.

When a symptom like that turns physical, it will show up as anything from a backache to cancer.

A friend of mine came down with one of those diseases that doctors can't diagnose. First they said she had lupus, then AIDS (but she wasn't HIV positive), then Epstein-Barr. Then they admitted they hadn't a clue.

How did she defeat this disease?

By removing symptoms, one by one.

But that only happened after she rallied.

It only happened when she realized she was on her own with the disease. And then, one step at a time, day by day, hour by hour, she began her walk out of hell.

And what did her doctor say after the mysterious disease disappeared without a trace? He literally said this. He said "Oh, you must have just been run down."

After all those medical experts told her all those things, the only explanation this expert could come up with was one that discounted everything he and his colleagues had told her before. Doctors' destructive skepticism often turns back and bites them.

When you're not feeling great, when you've got a symptom, yes, it pays to find the cause. In the 10 applications of Skill 1 you've been given a myriad of places to look for those causes. Now I've got a little secret to tell you.

The cause you find may not be the cause, it may be just another symptom you're removing.

So if you're pressed for time, you might do well not to bother with the cause right then and there. Go ahead and attack the symptom directly. You can get rid of it in minutes and feel great.

And if it doesn't come back any time soon, you'll know you had a deep removal.

Removing a symptom isn't just a shorthand way of feeling better. It's a way of defeating the disease at its very core.

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