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Your lesson page for
Remove and Install
Skill 0
(The Basic Skill)

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If there is one thing you need,it is this
Running time: 27 min.

The unification of World Harmonic Unified Ministers
Running time: 17 min.

space This is a spiritual discipline. The lowest level thing you can do is cure a physical disease. And if you don't continue going higher after that, it's possible that your physical disease will return in full force.


So you're going to need to make a commitment to God, because all of these things that we address are things that in one way or another disconnect you from God.

People say disease makes them more in touch with God, more spiritual. They turn to God when they get sick. Well, they may turn to God, but disease is a disconnector from God. And the removal of disease enables you to be more connected and to further go on and do more things that connect you more completely.

This is about the direct experience of God within yourself. And to stop is to go backwards..

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You cure yourself on a day-to-day basis. That's what immunics is. That's why we call it the Way of Immunics. It is a path where you put one foot in front of the other, where you pay attention to yourself and to the tiniest detail.

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The literal definition of Immunics is the knowledge of how to fix yourself. You don't look outside yourself for what will help you. You look within, and God and the Harmonic are within. So if you look within, and access, with God and the Harmonic, to use a substance, even an allopathic medicine, you have still looked within and brought out from your internal knowledge the way to immunity.

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You're on your way. These are your first faltering steps toward immunity. And if you have no medically diagnosable diseases at this time - which means you don't have a lot of catching up to do - you're in a position to never be sick another day in your life.

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If you sit around and talk about this, you don't just get no result, you get a negative result. The more talk, the less doing. And the more people talk, the less inclined they are to do.

- Bayard Barnes


Key information for this application - test
through these before beginning and as you do
your lessons:

space To begin your lessons, test these questions?

You will need:
Print out the list of pathologies and the list of bodies now, so you always have them handy for your lessons:


Please do the lessons in the numbered order below unless you test otherwise. Also,

  1. Theme: What is RIK?
  2. Basic all-body removal - with viruses
  3. Removal example - the "Short Form" with viruses
  4. Continuous Cleansing
  5. Basic installation example - with DNA
  6. "Blind" installation
  7. Advanced installation inquiry
  8. Things to remove/things to install 
  9. Hierarchy of difficulties
  10. Here's another, valid way to remove

After you RIK, look for the calm, clear place.

Do an Accelerator now?

Is it time to congratulate you yet?


Keely with Bayard

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What did you remove and install?

Tell the specifics in an e-mail to your
Aunt Keely - you will help others.





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