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Contact our colleagues

What do you do with them once you contact them?

  1. Tell them things.
  2. Ask them for things.
  3. Ask them to do things.
  4. And they usually also can use a little guidance in curing things. Most of the people that we give you to contact are already pretty good at curing things, but it pays to ask, right at the beginning of the call, about how they're doing, and what their current challenges are.

With many, since we haven't yet got their phone number, you e-mail them first, ask their number, and to find out a time when it's usually good to call them. Don't make an appointment -- you want to keep yourself as free as possible. Just get a general range of times that it's good to contact them on certain days, or on any given day.

Know what you're intending to accomplish before you make the call.

What to tell them:

  1. You're a colleague outreach person with the Cure Drive and you want to have a telephone chat -- can they do that?
  2. What's the phone number?

Be a talent scout:

  1. Would this person make a good Cure delegate?
  2. Are there some obvious projects that would be good for them?
  3. Would this person make a good colleague outreach person?

Go on the Web with them if possible, and look at the "Act Globally" page. And then look at the entry projects -- have they already done all of those, and are they current on them? Example: does their e-mail signature give the latest Cure tally?

Is easier to discuss projects, such as the bumper sticker project, with colleagues if they're on the computer, looking at a page about the project you're talking about. For one thing, it shows them that they're not the only one doing the project.

Since Greg is your supervisor, the way to sign up for this get involved with this is to e-mail him.

Part of this is that you pay the cost of any and all long-distance telephoning them when, so it's a good idea to get a phone service the charges you a flat rate. Greg can recommend some good ones..

Frances Hora, The Cure Drive
Sincerely, Frannie

Frances Hora, an elder of  WHUM

If you would like to help further, here's our "Help Wanted."

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