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   Create your own buddy system

A buddy is somebody who sees your back. In scuba diving or Harmonic mastery, buddies are essential, because your buddy will access what you can't.

- Bayard, in the conditions/deformities talk

The two of you, three of you, the however many of you, can start right from zero. Start learning together. Pace each other.

The increase in the learning curve rises exponentially with the number.

Oh, yes, some people are stick-in-the-muds. Let them be; they catch up, too. If they sit, watch and listen. If they don't, drop out.

One of our colleagues came up with the idea that we ought to do chats. Or that you guys could hook up with each other via your e-mail addresses. Good ideas.

But what about your life?

Your family? Best friends? People you see every day?

What about them?

If you want mastery instead of work, meetings, or a "to do" list, your life has to keep reflecting this back to you every time you turn around. Mine does. My friends are Harmonic masters.

Nobody can be around me without being a Harmonic master.

And anybody who is around me wants to be one -- that's why they're there. OK, OK, I know. You're right. We all became Harmonic masters together. Discovered it together.

It's not the same thing as your life.

Or maybe it is. Really. Let me tell you something as an example.

When I discovered Barry Sears' Zone diet and liked it, I started talking to the people I eat lunch with about it. Within a week (OK, maybe within two weeks) everybody had listened to both his basic and advanced tapes. Not that we all swallowed the Zone diet hook, line and sinker -- we're all too good with nutrition for that. But that's because we've all studied nutrition for years.

And that's because we're buddies.

See, the thing you're right about is this: I was in a buddy system before I discovered the Harmonic.

So naturally all my buddies got into it.

What about you?

Do you have "friends" or buddies?

That is to say, are the people in your life in a continuous learning exchange with you -- and by that I mean one where you actually practice and apply what you're learning together?

This is not schmoozing we're talking about here.

This is power.

Are you and your spouse buddies, or did one or both of you stop learning long ago?

Do you and your kids learn from each other? Or have you been pontificating at them for so long that they'll never give up their negative ideas about your condition no matter how free you get, no matter how much you change?

And what do you do when you're stuck like that?

Darned if I know, since I'm not. I'm probably a bad person to talk to about that.

But now, test testing hand all of the above, and then follow this rule:

Go where there's openness.

Find people to be your buddies. They might
be your spouse and kids, they might be somebody else.

Because without buddies, life just isn't the same.

The learning curve drops exponentially without buddies.

Thank you,

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