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What is a Level 12 Harmonic master?

Obviously a Level 12 Harmonic master is one who has brought her or his ability with Harmonic accessing up to and beyond some degree of accomplishment. Not so obviously, it is possible - though not likely - that you are already a Level 12 Harmonic master.

Some tip-offs that you are at least at
Levels 3-9:

  • Your dreams are vivid and you are active and powerful in them: you rarely have negative or "victim" experiences while dreaming.
  • You can "blow out" - release - sickness, negative feeling, or emotional dysfunction from your body and mind.
  • On days when you are "on a roll," everything seems to "coincidentally" fall into place for you.
  • You attract the right people and circumstances. You feel little or no pull to enter circumstances that might "bum you out."
  • You can witness friends arguing or struggling without feeling compelled to enter the dispute.
  • You can sit with a sick friend without being drawn into the suffering or sickness. You have a good effect on the person you do this for.
  • You have successfully created some of your own remedies for illness and disease.
  • You have done many years of an Oriental martial art.
  • You often receive "warnings" about future events.

In Oriental martial arts the black belt is called "beginner's belt." You get a black belt because you want to begin a life-long study. The ability to stay free of disease, and the awareness that you have already done so - this is a good place from which to begin your advanced Harmonic study.

Level 12 Harmonic mastery is like getting a black belt.

It's the beginning of something.

Level 12 Harmonic mastery is direct removal of anything, from viruses to negative emotions to undesirable conditions in your life.

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Level 12 Harmonic mastery is connection to people. It's love. It's the instantaneous, intentional dropping of separateness, the creation of connection at will. This sounds metaphorical. It isn't.

Level 12 Harmonic mastery is joy

It feels good in and of itself, without doing anything with it. Harmonic mastery builds into continuous ecstasy.

Level 12 Harmonic mastery is precise, instant access to the three universal bodies -- universal mental, universal emotional, and universal physical. Since all knowledge resides in those bodies, with Harmonic connection you can know anything. Since all ability resides in those bodies, with Harmonic mastery you can do anything.

Harmonic connection is connection to a specific universal voice, a vibration -- we call it the Harmonic. It is a specific, usable, dependable gift from God.


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