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   Hand out books & CDs as gifts

I had to push past some fears and resistance, but I did it. I FedExed my dad the Call to Immunics book, and then taught him to access over the phone before it arrived. (Actually, he made it easy for me to take action by emailing me about an inner ear problem and asking for my prayers. I responded, "I can give you more than that!") He was so touched and grateful for the information. He got the book and read well into it and emailed me for some help today. It's still sinking in that I have gotten over the hump and am giving immunics to my immediate family, finally. Wow, what a wonderful thing.

- Beverly G., Texas

Hand out books and CDs as gifts to people you love, or to complete strangers for that matter.

There are two ways to do this:


Buy a quantity of them from us, gift-wrap them, and mail them or hand them to your buddies.


Print the books or burn the CDs yourself and give them away.  They look more makeshift, but they get the job done.  Most people will not read or listen unless you actually check up on them and manage them.  Good question: "Did you listen to this CD yet?"

The CD makes a far better gift than the book, since the CD will keep playing when their attention wanders, and they do come back to it when something pops out at them.  With the book, once their attention wanders they don't keep reading.

But if you're giving a class, the book is a better handout,  especially if you require a certain number of chapters as homework before each class.  The book makes a better text than the CD. 

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