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   Phone everyone in your graduating class

This is an example of a project that might, in your case, take another form. The form it takes for you might be phoning everyone who works in the company that you work for and if you work at, for example, Wal-Mart, and Wal-Mart publishes a list of all its employees, or all the employees were you work, that will be wonderful. And if the school you went to was Harvard, if there is no published list but you have your yearbook, you can Google everyone in it and talk to them.

What to tell them? How about this:

Hello, Dolly?

My name's Theo. I'm also class of '86. Can you talk for a few minutes?

I want to get your help and support for the Cure Drive. Can you look at it on the Web right now?

If yes, look at it. Have her click on the startup movie on the homepage, and show her where to find the tutorials. Point out the tally to her. If not, tell her the same things she'd be looking at if she were looking on the Web.

And say:

This is a matter of life and death, because these new flus kill people. I've never had one, but you can cure an ordinary flu with this in just a few minutes.

Share experiences with curing the flu.

Are there any ways that you see you can help with this?

Be creative with the people you call. Save their life. Get them started saving other people's lives.

Variation: do the same thing with an e-mail LIST of everyone in your graduating class, or your neighbors, or everyone you work with. Include your phone number and invite them to contact you for further interaction.

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