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   Local news announcement

Cure is the most important story your news station has ever covered. Know that, and you know everything you need to know to talk to them.

The message is simple: "People cure things. I want this covered by your station. Interview me, or do it some way else, but cover it."

If you're out in the street, you can tell them to come film you.

Here's an audio of a call we made to our local news, so you can see what they say:
Call to BayNews9

If it is drag their heels, get a bunch of signed petitions, and go to the station with a bunch of people who signed them. Ask the person at the front desk to send send down a camera crew -- you want to be interviewed right there.

Or have a demonstration. Or put together a large street class. If it's big enough, obvious enough, makes enough noise, and as annoying enough, you'll get your coverage.


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