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Five-minute party class outline

Start right out by connecting them -- no questions. Your first words:

Relax your hands. Get them somewhere where your fingers can wiggle. Look for a signal in one of your fingers.

Okay, do this -- say this and do it.

"I'm now connecting to my ability to control my immune system."

Put up one of your hands as soon as you feel something.  As soon as you feel something in one, raise one your hand so I can see who you are.

We'll try again:

"I am now connected" -- those of you who already got a signal keep doing it.

Ask people who got signals what that felt like.

Now tell them why you did this. This must come from you, so say the most impactful things you can say.  Keep it under a minute. Some things you might include:

This idiotic-looking thing you just started doing cures the flu. People all over the world are using this to cure every conceivable thing -- lupus, cancer, CFS, CMV -- and flu.

200 million deaths by the next mutated flu. Flu is one of the easiest things to cure.

You are now in a position to save a lot of lives. YOU'VE BEEN REACHED. You know you can cure things. Tell people they can cure things. If they don't know that they can, they won't cure them, and they'll die.

When you stop people in the middle of what they're doing, you're making a statement that what you have to say is important. THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STATEMENT that you make by doing a party class.

Contact us here -- we'll be tickled pink to help in any way we can.

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