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Instructions for applying car stickers

Tools needed:
window cleaner
newspaper or paper towels to wipe
needle or pin for poking bubbles

FYI - Cure Drive car stickers are easily removable and leave no marks or residue.

Thoroughly clean the window. Dry completely with newspaper.

car1590.jpg (38249 bytes)car1589.jpg (34221 bytes)

At the left hand side of the sticker there is a 1/2" section that can be folded back, allowing the bumper sticker to the right to be peeled off the backing when folded.

Expose about an inch and a half of the sticky back.

car1592.jpg (31795 bytes)car1593.jpg (30912 bytes)car1596.jpg (25566 bytes)

Cut off the paper backing with scissors, so that the exposed section can be adhered to the window to hold your alignment.

car1598.jpg (23253 bytes)

Align the bumper sticker in the exact position you want it and then touch the sticky section to the window, smoothing it down so there are no bubbles.

car1601.jpg (35168 bytes)car1603.jpg (34044 bytes)car1604.jpg (30042 bytes)

After you get it lined up, start to peel and smooth the rest of the sticker onto the window. Pull the backing off very slowly, with one hand, while smoothing the sticker on to the window in short sections with the other hand. It is possible to do this without causing even a single air bubble, but that may be on a second or third attempt.

car1608.jpg (32132 bytes)car1612.jpg (31902 bytes)car1615.jpg (33510 bytes)car1617.jpg (34028 bytes)car1619.jpg (31956 bytes)car1620.jpg (36339 bytes)

If you do get air bubbles, prick them with a pin, push the air toward the pinhole in the bubble, and voilą, bubble gone. If the bubbles are close together, push the air bubbles together, then prick. If the bubbles are near the edge, you can gently peel back the edge of the sticker and reapply to window.

car1621.jpg (27833 bytes)car1622.jpg (30871 bytes)

Step back and admire bumper sticker and your handiwork.

Drive. Passing motorists will see this sticker and cure things.


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