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Here's a letter I wrote to a friend who is an immuner and also a starving artist!
She recently starting incorporating RIKing into her paintings. - Susie

I want to share with you what I have been doing. The synchronicity in my
life has never been stronger. I am manifesting like crazy. I realized everyone is a manifester, it is up to each individual what it is exactly that you manifest.

I manifested our apartment by DECIDING we were going to have it..exactly. I didn't put a lot of thought into how, I just made the decision.

I then did the same thing with my business. I didn't think about how to get the jobs, I just decided I was going to book three consultations a week and book them all. I made the decision and then I stopped thinking about it. I put my thoughts elsewhere. The elsewhere for me has been thinking globally. How can we get immunics to the masses.

I have been spending every Sunday teaching in the street and I have a meeting with the Cure Delegation every Monday and Thursday for at least two hours. I then moderate the Cure Drive group every day at 5pm for a half hour. Plus all the conversations I have with Bayard and Greg on how to get better at being a leader, and managing my crew that teaches with me. I then spend as much time as I can talking with people about the cure drive and explaining the importance of filling out the weekly poll, because without it we have nothing.

I don't know why or how, but since I started doing this, everything in my life feels RIGHT ON! Jeremy and I have never been happier in our relationship, my skills as a photographer are skyrocketing, and I found a new web designer who is my
perfect match!

My suggestion to you....take it or leave it. I am going to send you a t shirt with the Cure Drive on it, I want you to wear it whenever you are in public. Print up some business cards with the cure drive tally on it. Give them out when you access you should. Start filling out the weekly poll and reporting your cures. All of this can be done with out you actually having to teach or help other people directly, something I know you are incapable of right now. That is fine. There are many ways you can help, without having to give directly to individuals. Start doing this stuff and I bet you will either come into money, start selling artwork, or find a winning lottery ticket on the street. Bayard told me a while back.
"Be true to your mission and god will probably provide. She always has for
us." Give it a shot Anna, let me know how it goes.

One last thing. Say this:"I am letting go of the need for money." Say this until your finger moves! By letting it go you are no longer telling the universe you don't have it. You will then be open to receiving it.

I love you!

P.s. Have you watched our video on the home page

You can see pics at
Susie Linquist Photography

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