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It's simple! Street class outline


Say this:

"I'm now connecting to my ability to control my immune system."

Ask for a show of hands of people who got signals. This works better the bigger the crowd you've been able to attract. Then ask the people who raise their hands to say if anything happened -- they noticed a change, a difference. Keep prompting them to say what they felt. You just want brief callouts, not long descriptions.

After a minute or two of callouts:

"Let's keep going. Now say --

" 'All my bodies are free of pathologies.'

"If you didn't get a signal before, try to get a signal on this now."

Now take another round of callouts about this -- let them go into more detail this time.

Now tell them

"People who've gotten signals get together with people who haven't in little groups." Assign groups to them. "Show each other, help each other get signals. Remember it's 'All my bodies are free of pathology.'

Give them two or three minutes to do that.

Now say

"Guys, you have just learned how to control your immune system."
Point to the sign -

"See that Cure tally? This idiotic looking thing that you just learned, which truly does look absolutely ridiculous to almost everyone when they're first shown it, is how those people got those cures. We've got thousands of people started all over the world. People in the tsunami zone are doing this, no kidding.

"There still aren't a lot of us, which is probably why you've never heard of us, which is why I'm standing out here.

"Now that you've learned this you can show somebody else, even if you can't even do it yourself. It works better to show people in group, because then the ones who can't do it see that other people can and they get inspired -- you noticed how more people tested on the second round? That's why -- they saw some people doing it.

"You are now part of a global movement to end disease on the planet. Join the Cure Drive."

"You've been wonderful, thank you. Go in peace.

Next class in 10 minutes."

Keep yelling, attracting people for the next class.

Things to say:

  • This is worldwide -- we're all over.
  • Rattle off names of diseases you've heard about people curing, or that
    you've cured.
  • The reason you haven't heard of this is because there are so few of us out
    here, or because it hasn't been on TV.
  • If you've got time, stick around -- help us do this.

Class strategy points

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