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CureTube - Barb
"How to do I find what I need?" -- Test
CureTube - Nell
"I cured it in 10 minutes, once I found the key."
CureTube - Kate
Kate does Step 2 in
Lyme disease cure
- Basic removal 9:24
CureTube - Esther
CFS: "I could have taken it a step farther."


CureTube - Angelo
Angelo shows basic pathology removal
CureTube - Kate
Kate does Step 3 in
Lyme disease cure - ??


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What is immunics?

Immunics, or immunic action, is a form of prayer taught by our ministry that is the conscious, immediate, and intentional control of the immune system with regard to the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of being. The methodical immunic actions to cure conditions use direct, interactive connection with God.

The entire website is a wealth of information. We ask a nominal donation to keep the ministry providing these services.

Immunics is also an attitude, and also a state of being that involves being functional and also immune to problems that commonly plague most people in the physical, emotional, and spiritual areas of life. It also involves applying the skills that state of being contains for the prevention and cure of physical, emotional, and spiritual diseases. Sorry. We wish this definition was less head-trippy, and we know that you'll make up your own as you get into this. Long ago a doctor friend, Bob Casola, described immunics as the conscious and intentional control of the immune system. He made up that definition. If you make up one you like, share it with us.

Another way to define immunics might be to call it that indefinable set of attributes, attitudes, and skills, the adoption and application of which define a person as someone who cures things rather than someone who doesn't. This would be an important way of looking at it because - to paraphrase the way one of our colleagues put it in an e-mail years ago - "people who cure things sail through life without a care in the world, and people who don't have every care in the world.  That's because all the cares of this world are generated by the uncured things lurking in all of us."

What is the CureDrive?
It's The Biggest Loser with disease. Do you watch that show? People who want to cure cancer, or herpes, or chronic fatigue syndrome, or lupus, or Crohn's disease, or who want their kids to stop getting childhood diseases should watch that show, as a supplement to what you’re going to learn to do here. Because the things that you see the "players" on that show going through to win the weight loss game are exactly the same things that our colleagues in the CureDrive go through losing their diseases. There may be thousands of members, but the CureDrive is a game you play with yourself, an activity of self- generation. You are responsible for your cure.

The CureDrive is also an e-mail group, which you can join right here.

What is the mission of the Cure Drive?
The Cure Drive is here to create people who cure things.

Being someone who cures things is a state of being that includes a set of skills - but it stretches far beyond any skills it encompasses. People who cure things don't confine themselves merely to not tolerating being ill. They are intent on, and passionate about, loved ones being people who cure things, and so on with people they work with and everyone else on earth. To be someone who cures things, as opposed to simply curing something or learning how to cure things, constitutes a major shift in the existence of almost anyone reading this. Very few people even aspire to it.

What do people cure?
Viral-based diseases, such as Epstein-Barr (chronic fatigue syndrome), cytomegalovirus, and herpes; all types of cancers, including leukemia, pancreatic cancer, women's breast cancer, and testicular or prostate cancer; and diseases of nonspecific or unknown origin, such as lupus, fibromyalgia, acne, sciatica, and Parkinson's disease.

How long does it take to cure something?
If you're not interested in medical tests, not long.  Herpes and rosacea outbreaks stop immediately. The turnaround time for cancer is usually a matter of weeks. For harder diseases, like MS, it can be quite a bit longer.  While you can get negative medical tests on opportunistic infections like cytomegalovirus within a couple of weeks or so, the moderator of our MS group took three years before she was assigned "inactive" status.
With HIV, it can take months to bring viral load down to zero and the T-cell count back to normal. One of the women who appears in Lesson #1 mentions that when she first started immunics she was getting the flu, and she cured it in 15 minutes - which is the usual run of flu cure, or at least the disappearance of flu symptoms. You hear that over and over again with people who cured it on the air back when we had a Flu Hotline - you can hear their CureShows.

Are there diseases that cannot directly be cured by this method?
Yes. Bacterial-based diseases, such as staph infections or syphilis, parasitic infections, such as malaria, and diseases that are even in part nutritionally based, such as endometriosis and certain types of sun poisoning. Immunics can be used in these cases to find the most effective modalities of treatment, such as allopathic or Chinese medicine.

Do people get negative medical tests, and if so, on what diseases?
So far people have reported negative medical test on various types of cancer, HSV-1 and -2, Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus, fibromyalgia, rosacea, multiple sclerosis (the negative medical test for multiple sclerosis takes the form of having an "inactive status" diagnosis assigned to it), hepatitis, and flu.

Where is this done?
Or where do people do this? It is important that you take what's given to you in the Web college away from the computer and do it everywhere and anywhere. It's also important to do it with friends and/or in a community, because the loving connection and support seem to make a huge difference for most people. This is something you need to arrange for yourself, though it also can be helpful to connect with an existing group. CureDrive members are invited to write in and ask for a buddy or group.

How is this done?
No one knows for sure, but it obviously will involve you connecting yourself to the highest source of intuitiveness, love, and curative and self-transformative power. Instantaneously.

Can you cure somebody else, or assist him or her in curing something?
As you learn how to cure yourself, you'll learn how to cure other people. You must remain aware that it is much harder to cause someone else’s cure to " stick" than it is to cause your own cure to stick.  A lot of study is required to understand what you were just told.

I'm not getting signals - what can I do?
Some people start immediately, like you see Molly doing in the first segment of Lesson #1. And some people have to keep plugging away. Number one - keep trying. Walk around all day creating questions, or trying to do or doing the immunic actions that you learn in the lessons in this Web college, and every time you do that, be open to, look for, and try to get a signal.

Number two - get a group together, face-to-face, which should include people you don't know that well, and do Lesson #1 and your continuing studies with them. Most people will begin getting signals immediately, the way you can hear the people in the Cure Group of the Midwest, at the top of the CureShow page, doing. And the man who wasn't getting signals started getting them during the CureShow, along with everyone else. People ignite each other.

Number three - complete Lesson #1. Or do Lesson #1 again, and something you've missed will start you off.  There are many more tips, examples, and role models in Lesson #1 for how to get started.

Once I learn the basics, where do I start curing the things I came to cure?
If you've done Lesson #1, you've already started. To achieve the cure you want, simply continue. Do the things you were shown how to do in Lesson #1, apply them to what you want to cure, and expand them.

The bad news is that what you're shown here is something that you do 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while you're doing other things, in addition to putting time aside to study intensely. You just keep looking for things to do with it, and doing them. Thousands of ways to apply it will occur to you every hour if you let them, if you focus on it. That's the bad news.

The good news is: It feels good, it makes you feel good, you don't need any special equipment or to be any in any specific position, and you can do it while you sleep. And when you do it while you sleep, dreaming is a lot more fun. And doing it 24 hours a day saves you a huge amount of time, because if you continually do it, your decisions about how you use your time are a lot better, and when all your decisions are a lot better you eliminate a lot of the things you've been doing that wasted your time.

Isn't an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure?
Most prevention is cure. Cure your herpes, you prevent outbreaks. Cure your addiction to sugar, you prevent obesity. Cure your stress, and you prevent aging.

When you're sick, or just immunocompromised, prevention becomes more and more difficult. And the more things you cure, the easier it becomes to prevent other ones. So actually an ounce of cure is probably worth a pound of prevention, or thereabouts.

Isn't healing more practical, possible, and just better than cure?
Without cure, healing is impossible. Cure comes first, then healing. People try to put healing first because they don't trust that they can actually cure anything. Healing is better - it is the goal - but for most people it is just the next best thing to something they believe they can't have: cure.

The CureDrive is about cure, and we train people to cure things.

When you cure things, healing happens. Healing is that beautiful and nebulous occurrence we all feel when we cure things, a coming back to our original state of health, clarity, immunity, and natural intelligence and intuitiveness. Healing is far more wonderful than cure, but, unbeknownst to most people, cure or is far more practical, immediate, and doable by anybody. Cure actually can be an action, something that you do. Healing is always a natural, organic, automatic, and autonomic biological process and reality.  It is beyond our control, but we can feel it begin instantaneously when we cure something. People who cure things almost always immediately began to experience something we call the calm, clear place. The calm, clear place is a "symptom" of healing.

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