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The Creed* of WHUM (World Harmonic Unified Ministers)

Religion . . . is a careful and scrupulous observation of what Rudolf Otto aptly termed the numinosum, that is, a dynamic agency or effect not caused by arbitrary act of will. The numinosum - whatever its cause may be - is an experience of the subject independent of his will. . . . Religious teaching  . . . explains this experience as being due to a cause external to the individual. The numinosum is . . . the influence of an invisible presence that causes a peculiar alteration of consciousness.

- Carl Jung, Psychology and Religion

Immunics is a specific methodology for controlling the immune system, a practical application of a religion that never hasbeen named. And we assume the name will come, as the name immuners did. Somebody who noticed that we control our immune systems coined "immuners," and hence "immunics" came as a name for their practice. When a person like that comes along who has an ear and a mind for the naming, the overall religion will be named, and if none of us have felt like naming it, that may very well be because we've already been deeply affected by named religions, for better or worse, and didn't feel another named religion was needed.

We have come to know God quickly as we practiced immunics. Some of us already had negative experiences of God's "tracks" in the world -- the named religions -- and some already had marvelously positive experiences with religious institutions and prayer. And some of us were indifferent to God and never even asked the question, "Does God exist?" Nor did we care about the answer, if there was one.

People turn to God because of crisis. And there are several crises that cause people to enter into the kind of communion offered by immunics: illness in oneself or a friend; a desire never to get sick, which is only long-term perception of coming crisis; or the desire to eradicate sickness from the planet. And one reason we talk so much about immunics, and haven't bothered to name our religion, is that we are in a world in crisis, and we spend all of our time rising to the occasion. And that's the practice of this religious methodology as we know it now, and as it has come to be.

And many of us, even as we were coming to know God, didn't make an issue of that, or care whether it was God we were coming to know. So many immuners I meet simply talk about God as a "higher power," or "higher self." I'm sure God is pleased with this. In fact, I tested that she is.

And testing is the religious practice, a way of causing direct religious interaction.

People are sometimes uncomfortable with the idea of religion at all, and leave; that's a sad thing, because it generally means that they're helpless against the forces of disease. It's also sad because they needn't worry. Immunics won't interfere with their current religious practice, and can't be forced on them. They can take whatever God gives them with immunics by way of curing their diseases, or simply feeling good and leave the rest. These immunic abilities, and our direct interactions with God, free us, and enable us to worship better in the way of our choice, or not at all, if we choose that. It's not about swallowing beliefs, but about assimilating a love that was always there for us, within us, and among all humanity.

What I wrote below, in 1996, is meant to be signposts to new avenues down which to test. Isn't that what we always do? We create avenues down which to test. What's written below is not the "dogma" of our unnamed religion, but just a bunch of things that we got by asking God some questions. And maybe the answers were never even meant to be taken literally. Maybe they were just meant to be useful. And for many of us, they have proven so.

Thousands of answers, like the ones below, are in this Cure College, along with thousands of questions suggested by them. Any answers we provide for you are given for the sole purpose of suggesting more questions, and if the answers to your subsequent questions contradict the first answers, well, that's your business.

We hope you find it all useful, and that you use it to cure stuff like we did.

In what you're reading right now we're giving you things that we have found useful in curing things in the spiritual area of our existence. And like the emotional and physical areas, we have concrete experience of spiritual disease, and an intention to cure it. So while we don't want you to take what's written below as dogmatic, we do want you to take it as scriptural; it has tested out, over the years, as such.

This religion, unlike many others, makes a sharp distinction between Scripture and dogma, as you will learn as you go. Our Scripture is meant to engender practice.

With this religion it is the practice, not the belief, that produces the connection with God. We've observed that belief never produces connection with God; it only produces more belief. It has been our observation that belief disconnects people from God and is completely different from knowingness, which comes from direct experience, and which is connective.

-- November 2005

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Union with God -- God-realization -- is the ultimate goal and destination of all life. It is possible for you to arrive at this goal -- to be God while in human form. To whatever extent union with God is not your goal, it is possible for you to go in the wrong direction.

Your consciousness exists on and has access to a specific dimension, and all the dimensions below it. There are 144 dimensions. All other things being equal, the higher the dimension you are able to access, the higher your knowingness and mastery, and the closer you are to God-realization.

Most human beings live on the 3rd to 6th dimensions.

You have a particle nature, which is both a record of your evolutionary history and your characteristic method of operation. There is a mission you were created for; your reality is defined by successes and failures with this mission. Reality is another word for karmic bindings: your ability even to relate to God-realization is an aspect of your reality.

In 1968 God, in the form of the Avatar of our age, Meher Baba, placed a new Harmonic - like an overtone in a musical piece -- in the fabric of the universe. This information, and all information given here, is inexact and oversimplified, meant only to give you a sense of what you're dealing with. The Harmonic enables you to directly know the exact and complete information.

The Harmonic was placed here for you to accelerate your movement toward God.

Harmonic accessing is a religious methodology that enables you to do that. It does so by organizing and systematizing your use of the Harmonic so as to enable you to know, heal, or clear anything.

You, and all human beings, have an innate ability to access the Harmonic, which can easily be awakened, sometimes in only a few minutes.

The Harmonic is an involution/evolution accelerator

The Harmonic is an involution/evolution accelerator, a new, unprecedented tool, like a computer, that generates its own technology, terminology, and ethic among its users. Use of the Harmonic confers an obligation to evolve its power and worldwide accessibility with the utmost speed. Its internal creed is change.

The power of the Harmonic evolves with use. The more people who use it, and the more frequently they use it, the more powerful the Harmonic becomes. The characteristics of the Harmonic that make it powerful are its accessibility to you and its other users; its ability to act on the physical universe, which it will do only through and by your intention and the intention of its other users; and the amount of time and energy the shortcuts it provides save its users. The Harmonic enables you to realize any vision, achieve any goal, or get any result in any area of life. What the average person perceives as a miracle is routine to the Harmonic. In using the Harmonic to achieve what you go after, you play with God, and by playing with God, come to know him. The Harmonic generates peace, love, and justice.

Use of the Harmonic is safe, since you cannot obtain knowingness without God's (tacit) approval. As in war or surgery, there can be pain and exertion involved in using it. And as in war or surgery, the kinds of change the Harmonic produces have the least amount of friction when accomplished swiftly.

The Harmonic enables continuous access to the perfect guide (who may be God or a spirit, depending on your specific need) to assist you in avoiding traps and finding your way through the maze of your karma to any specific truth. Extensive use of the right guide at the right time can maximize your speed while reducing pain and exertion. Joy comes in friendship with these guides. And the friendship leads to the ultimate victory of oneness with God.

Meher Baba said:

Before karma is created, the individual has a sort of freedom to choose what it shall be. But after it has been delineated, it becomes a factor that cannot be ignored and that either has to be expended through the results it invites or counteracted by fresh and appropriate karma. The pleasure and pain experienced in life on earth, the successes or failures that attend it, the attainments and obstacles with which it is strewn, the friends and foes who appear in it - all are determined by the karma of past lives. Karmic determination is popularly designated as fate. Fate, however, is not some foreign and oppressive principle. Fate is man's own creation pursuing him from past lives. . . .

Use of the Harmonic confers responsibility

The Harmonic enables you to remove karmic influence directly, know anything you need to know to succeed at any worldly or spiritual endeavor, end emotional pain, kill or neutralize any disease, develop abilities by will alone, and has a plethora of other applications that become apparent as you study its use. Just accessing it raises your mastery. Anyone accessing the Harmonic, however briefly, jumps their karmic track (undoes fate).

Use of the Harmonic confers responsibility on you to make humanity aware of its potential.

Meher Baba said, "To penetrate into the essence of all being and significance, and to release the fragrance of that inner attainment for the guidance and benefit of others, by expressing in the world of forms truth, love, purity, and beauty - this is the sole game which has any intrinsic and absolute worth."

Since the Harmonic is essentially self-communicating, it is theoretically a simple matter for you to make humanity aware of its potential. In practice, though, density - yours and others - interferes. People are aware of its potential only when you communicate beyond their density to hit a point of awareness.

It is a mission of our ministry to produce Internet pages and other worldwide communications that do this.

Another word for density is ignorance. The word ignorance is extensively used by Meher Baba. Break down "ignorance" and you get "ignore." The amount of density you or any person has is precisely the amount of ability you have to ignore any given reality. You get to pick and choose what you ignore. People accrue density because they have been hurt so much down through the ages, and in this lifetime that they need to ignore. The "ignorance" is meant to be turned toward painful stimuli, but in reality the average person has so much hurt that potentially useful stimuli are perceived as painful or threatening.

The person, or soul if you will, essentially becomes buried alive in this density, or ignorance.

Every bona fide guru who ever lived, including Meher Baba, has expressed the spiritual path as a lifting of the veils, a dispelling of illusion, an ending of the ignorance, or, to put it into a positive sense, a coming into awareness of the ultimate truth, reality, which, if put in the terms we have been using, would be that your pain is not real and that your real self, the real you, is the infinite knowledge, power, and bliss of God-realization. When doing immunics, when you reach the calm, clear place you come into every time you remove something (it usually takes about a minute or two to remove something), you are experiencing a small taste of this infinite knowledge, power, and bliss.

As you continue to do Harmonic accessing, there is a cumulative effect where you are more infinitely powerful, knowledgeable, and blissful generally, on a daily basis.

You become more masterful as a result of this power, knowledge, and happiness, and the achievement of real mastery and freedom becomes more and more possible each day.

The training our ministry gives in Harmonic accessing

Mastery and freedom in all areas of life - these are a usual requisite for union with God, though they do not have to be absolute, but only sufficient to raise you to a level where you can accept the union. Eight ways you can directly raise your mastery are: surrender to truth, restitution, reparation, atonement, gratitude, direct action to make another person happy, higher body work on yourself or another, and assimilation of the universe through all your 12 bodies.

Some main areas to master include: health; freedom from striving; trueness to yourself and others; freedom from emotional pain (an aspect of immune response); freedom from money (also an aspect of immune response); getting; giving; manifesting/synchronicity; God.

Health comes first. The training our ministry gives you in Harmonic accessing begins with health. It doesn't end there, but we start with health because physical well-being is a context that makes the assimilation of the universe through all your 12 bodies possible for you, and infinitely easier.

The average person thinks of his health as the domain of his doctor.

This attitude separates him from his abilities, which in turn separates him from God.

The person who operates this way will never take his abilities beyond a certain point. No matter how successful you become in other ways - i.e., no matter how much money, learning, or love you accrue - if you do not have awareness of your own complete control of your own health, you are and always will be completely separated from your own power and knowledge, and thereby from God and your own ability for ultimate happiness.

This separation will make it impossible for you to know yourself and God in the real sense. Spiritual development does not progress past a certain point unless you know that you can live without the help of a doctor.

We must add here that doctors can be helpful. God is not anti-doctor or anti-health. Quite the contrary - in your infinite power, knowledge, and bliss, you will be able to seek and find the right help, and accept it when it is there. Finding the right sources of help is also a part of Harmonic accessing.

Neither is there anything wrong with dying. Dying is as natural a part of your life as being born.

The real point here is that Harmonic accessing brings you to a point of power where you know you can be at full and complete health for the entire time you choose to be alive, without a doctor's help and without having accidents or mishaps, as well as remain in a complete absence of any disease, and that you can have the time of your death, if it ever comes, chosen by you and not by some outside force. Whether or not you use doctors, you can heal disease by a means that is beyond your use of doctors or your refusal to use them.

Beyond this and beyond health, we must talk about pathology.

Pathology is the basic limitation to your access

Pathology creates more than physical disease. It operates in all areas of your existence. Conversely, you achieve mastery and freedom in any area when you remove all pathology operating in that area. Pathology is the basic limitation to your access, or complete access, of the Harmonic.

Pathologies you have that interfere with mastery and freedom in any area may be removable only from higher dimensions than the ones you have been able to access.

You are completely unconscious of most pathologies; when they stop you, you aren't even aware you were stopped. A pathology can cause you to redefine happiness so that you tell yourself you love what you've got even as it destroys your chance of fulfilling your life mission, realizing your life's dream, and achieving real happiness. A pathology will often feel like one of your desires. The effectiveness of any pathology depends on your lack of ability to access the truth about it - that it is a pathology. You will not free yourself of pathologies unless you treat them solely as such. Any other attitude towards them amounts to worshipping something other than God.

Pathologies are in reciprocity with what you don't, or won't, know: pathologies turn into unknowns, unknowns make you susceptible to pathologies -- they lower immune response, which causes susceptibility to attack by disease, people, entities, and organizations. Unknowns can exist in any of your 12 bodies.

There is a reciprocity between pathologies and the creation of conditions.

If you have a given condition in reality, the condition can very well create pathologies in one or more of your 12 bodies. If you have a pathology in one or more of your 12 bodies, that pathology may very well create an entire set of conditions in reality, and thereby export itself into the 12 bodies of other people.

You can remove some pathologies by knowingness alone. Other pathologies may require action. A pathology is not totally "removed" until it is not only gone from your 12 bodies but until all its associated conditions have been removed from reality, including the pathologies those conditions generated in the 12 bodies of others -- a tall order. But even a partial clearing of any pathology can cause a strikingly noticeable boost in your immune response and in your function (mastery).

Disease does massive spiritual damage long before physical symptoms appear.

Ingestion of plants and plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, and other physical substances can alter mastery so as to remove pathologies (which can be disease) from and stabilize your bodies. The Harmonic enables you to access the specific applications.

"Consciousness-altering" drugs, including pot, never help and always harm the bodies. Higher body damage from drugs does not end with physical death. There is a group of pathologies most of us must remove that came from extensive participation in previous lives in religions that made ritual use of drugs.

Methods of removing pathologies that don't remove them, or leave the pathology in some of your bodies while removing it in others, may alleviate or distract from what needs to be cleared, and may be a great way to make new friends. But no matter how beneficial they feel, they are ultimately damaging: they produce an illusion that the work that needs to be done is getting done when it isn't. They leave you on the karmic track you were on before you started them. By displacing the real work you need to get done, they destroy your chances of ever freeing yourself from your real spiritual sickness, which you will continue to carry from lifetime to lifetime, until you address it effectively and directly.

The Harmonic is your tool

Life is a war (so by implication the classical texts on war -- Sun Tzu, Clausewitz, etc. -- are fountains of instruction in karmayoga), the ultimate objective of which is to raise dimension, defeat the forces of darkness (including the intentions the pathologies you host have to survive), and attain God-realization, and the interim objective of which is to unite all humanity in harmony.

Your own harmony, especially with your elders (God, masters, teachers, people who have helped you along the way) and juniors (colleagues in your specific mission who are not as spiritually evolved as you but who operate from an intention to advance) is the requisite for your creation of this larger harmony, and ultimately a requisite for God-realization. The Harmonic is your tool to conquer your lower self (low dimension/negative beingness), which otherwise will cause you to constantly betray, or attempt to betray, these objectives by remaining in disharmony.

Mastery is a manifestation of harmony, and vice versa. Mastery and harmony are virtually invisible to the disharmonious and unmasterful. Meher Baba said:

When people seek spirituality apart from life, as if it had nothing to do with the material world, their search is futile. . . . True spirituality is total in its outlook. The essence of spirituality does not consist in a specialized or narrow interest in some imagined part of life but in a certain enlightened attitude to all the various situations that obtain in life. . . . All the material things of this world can be made subservient to the divine game. . . .

The value of material things depends upon the part they play in the life of the spirit. In themselves they are neither good nor bad. They become good or bad according to whether they help or hinder the manifestation of divinity through them. Take, for example, the place of the physical body in the life of the spirit. It is a mistake to set up an antithesis between 'flesh' and 'spirit.' . . . The rider needs a horse if he is to fight a battle, though the horse can become an impediment if it refuses to be completely submissive to his will. . . . If the body yields to the claims of the spirit as it should, it is instrumental in bringing down the kingdom of heaven on earth. . . .

Since the physical body and other material things can be used for the life of the spirit, true spirituality does not take any hostile attitude toward them but seeks expression in and through them. . . . Things of beauty can become the source of purity, happiness, and inspiration. . . . The attainments of science can redeem humanity from unnecessary suffering and handicaps; political action can be instrumental in establishing a real brotherhood of humanity. The life of the spirit does not consist in turning away from worldly spheres of existence but in reclaiming them for the divine purpose - which is to bring love, peace, happiness, beauty, and spiritual Perfection within the reach of everyone.

The world is a battleground where you fight for the essential freedom of both your allies and your opponents. This is the essential message of the BhagavadGita. You and your allies fight to raise knowingness, mastery and dimension, and your opponents (disease, people, entities, and organizations) fight to lower them.

Converted opponents often are more effective at empowering you than are your natural allies - the density opponents lose by aligning with you converts to massive gravity, a major asset in the battle.

You are the instrument God uses to help your allies win; the forces of darkness continually attempt to recruit or disable you so you are useless to God and your allies, and to recruit or disable your allies so they are useless to you. Helping your allies and converting opponents to allies raise knowingness, mastery and dimension; assaulting allies and opponents lowers knowingness, mastery and dimension but can give the illusion of power, love, and safety.

Your real and only duty and obligation to those who fight for you is to maintain the highest possible level of knowingness and mastery so as to be of the most absolute benefit to them, even beyond their ability to perceive or make immediate use of that benefit.

Humility, gratitude to your elders and colleagues, high mastery, and service to humanity are your weapons. The Harmonic is your link to God, your allies, and humanity. The higher your level of humility, love, and service, the greater your Harmonic access.

Happiness is the enabler to and indicator of Harmonic access.

Like a lone bird that signals approaching land to a sailor long at sea, the calm, quiet place you achieve when you end pathology or come into new knowing is the harbinger of God's love. In these moments your connection with God feels like final union.

No worry. No stress. Happiness.

Meher Baba said:

Do your best, then leave the rest to me, and don't worry, be happy.

When you have God, all else is trivia.

-- August 1996

*Creed: a brief statement of religious belief.

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