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Anything's harmonic if you play it harmonic.
- Bob Marley

Any note is a harmonic if it enters the existing structure as a harmonic.
- W.A. Mozart

   What is Harmonic accessing? And what's the relationship between Harmonic accessing and immunics?

What is immunics?

Harmonic accessing is a precise application of intuitiveness that enables you to process vast amounts of intuitively gathered data quickly.

A practical way to understand the relationship between Harmonic accessing and immunics is with the following metaphor:

Let's pretend you're an investigative reporter. You are approached by an anonymous source with an outlandish tip: The President of the United States is having an affair. The tipster won't name the woman but tells you she has dark hair, is 40-50 pounds overweight, and is under the age of 25.

You wouldn't be too likely to believe that, would you?

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Or to follow it up. Because given the work you do, you're probably familiar with the costs of hiring private detectives to spy on the President. So you let it go.

A few weeks later, though, you're scooped by another newspaper that comes out with a story about the President's affair. What really startles you is the photograph of the woman. She looks just like the person your tipster described.

Might you possibly be a lot more interested in the next tip you get from this tipster?

Well, let's say that's what happened.

You're back in 1997. The tipster calls again. She tells you that around 1999 the Dow Jones averages could go above 10,000. She also tells you that rise will likely be led by a highly volatile and brand-new group of stocks, the Internet stocks. Some of the stocks, she says, aren't even listed now, but when they are, they will make astronomical gains. She won't name specific stocks but she says she might do that later.

OK, so it's now happily ever after. You invested and your stocks went up.

Next she tells you to go to a certain place, where you meet your life partner. Then she tips you off as to what's really important to him or her in sex and intimacy. Those tips, too, pay off.

Now you're really listening when the tipster calls back.

Here's the relationship between Harmonic accessing and immunics:

This time she tells you that she will adjust you chiropractically without touching you! And she'll do that right now, while you're on the phone together, if you want. Suddenly you're a little afraid.

Who is this strange person?

What does she really want and why is she telling you all this? You start asking questions, which she is quite willing to answer.

No, she's not God or the devil. There isn't any devil but there is definitely a negative force in the world. She, though, is positive. She's not here to influence or interfere with your relationship with Christ, Mohammed, or whatever other path you've chosen. She can tell you, though, that those paths are real. They do take you to God.

She says that she is a gift from God. God is giving you, in her, the ability to check things.

It's called Harmonic accessing.

She also tells you that God wouldn't let you get into trouble.

God wouldn't allow a negative emissary to bring you positive, miraculous gifts. Oh, an emissary like that could exist and might offer powers, but the powers would be obvious bribes, at least to someone who chose to keep their eyes open.

And the questions you're asking show that you have your

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eyes open. Therefore you don't have a lot to worry about. You can just trust God that it's OK and let yourself have the free chiropractic adjustment she's offering.

"All right," you say, "I'll buy it. Go ahead. And please pay special attention to that pain I've had in my left foot for the past two weeks."

A minute or two later, bingo!

The pain is gone.

Could it all be just  the placebo effect?

A few days later, your tipster calls back. She's noticed that you have a pain in your right kidney. "Yeah," you mutter. "Look, I've been busy and I haven't had a chance to go to the doctor and get a checkup."

"Well," she says, "your doctor isn't really going to find anything in there. Even if your doctor decided to spend thousands of dollars testing you, which she won't do because your insurance won't pay for it on the report of a 'pain,' your doctor, from all those tests, still wouldn't find anything. You have what's called in medical terminology 'subclinical.' It will someday turn into a problem that is medically diagnosable, but right now all it is is a kidney pain. A mild, slight but persistent kidney pain."

Snuff a symptom, gouge a chunk out of a disease.

'Tell you what.

"How about we do some acupuncture right now?"

"Well," you say, "that's pretty far out. But I guess if you can do chiropractic, we could try acupuncture."

"Well, actually," your tipster says, "I don't personally do acupuncture. But there is a spirit guide, a Chinese guy who died about 4500 years ago. He's the master acupuncturist in the spirit world."

"OK," you say, "but look. I just have to tell you that I don't believe there is any such place as the spirit world. I have a relationship with God.

"Why don't we just ask God to get rid of my kidney pain?"

"Well," she replies, "in a certain sense, God already is. The Harmonic would be worthless without God. God created all of us to do things like that, including this particular acupuncturist. He's part of God's plan, too. Why don't we give him a holler and see what he can do for you? You'll have to cooperate with this, though. It's called seven-needle acupuncture. Look for the placement of the needles. You'll notice little pinpricks throughout your body. There'll be seven of them. Focus on each pinprick until the next one comes. Then experience them all at once until they subside. Let's see what happens."

Five minutes later you have no kidney pain. It never comes back.

A few days later you notice you're coming down with the flu. By this time your informant has given you her number, and you notice that she's always in her office when you call.

You call her.

"Say," you ask, "how are you at killing viruses?" . . .

OK. If you were an investigative reporter, wouldn't you decide, wouldn't you believe, that you had one heck of  a story sitting on your lap?

And you wouldn't just be aching to write it up yourself. You would be thinking about all the other editors who could write the story, like the household tips editor who could use this informant - or possibly her set of subinformants - to do a story about cooking or gardening. Or the fishing editor for stories about where to fish. Or the advice columnist, because you suspect that this informant might be able to do something for the lovelorn and people who have little struggles and problems in their relationships, or even big ones. Or the theater editor, who might be able to use her help to scope out the next undiscovered playwrighting talent working out a garage in East Harlem, or the science editor, who could be led to a paper on breakthrough virus research being conducted in Malawi. 

You would be envisioning your entire newspaper dominated by stories that make use of this informant, and the entire staff of the newspaper working on those stories.

You'd also have to keep reminding yourself to put safety first.

And this is exactly what happened to us.

We had a significant immunological breakthrough.

This is why it became so important to us to tell you about this.

Thousands of people do Harmonic accessing without even realizing we are. But when we come into contact with each other,we feel an instant sense of community that is beyond words or even physical interaction.

Again, Harmonic accessing is a precise, mega-intuitiveness that enables you to process vast amounts of intuitively-gathered data quickly, and do things with that intuition, such as your own psychic healing.

It enables you to follow threads to cures.

It is also complimentary with any form of medicine. It enables you to win with your various doctors' treatments, and to take medication without allergic reactions. Because it removes allergies.

It is easy to use and learn. It's assimilable. It's available and portable. It's quick. It's exact and precise. It gives you certainty. And it's dependable - the results are replicable.  

Harmonic accessing may be the biggest time and money saver you've ever discovered. It enables you, without any previous training, to do it yourself with such precise sciences as feng shui and acupuncture. Yes, you can even do your own astrology. In this internet college where it is taught, though, our overriding concern is that you bring yourself to complete physical, emotional, and spiritual immunity.

And that we, together, as a community of masters, join forces to stop the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases.

Strictly speaking:

Harmonic accessing is a quasi-physical approach to bringing in information from higher sources and of using those same sources to take actions that affect, change physical, mental, and emotional  realities.

Harmonic accessing is your access to higher intelligence, intelligence that's beyond your mind, or your personality and your particular attachments. And to higher abilities, like the ability to kill a biological virus by non-biological means.

The Harmonic is like a portable computer God has given you to enable you to get immediate, direct answers, and to do these things.

But you don't have to know what Harmonic accessing is to do it. On this site, people routinely learn Harmonic accessing without having a clue as to what it is and without any form of working definition of it.

So this definition page is not meant to interfere with your direct experience of Harmonic accessing. Harmonic accessing is what it is for you. That must be the first and last definition of it. You, as the Harmonic master, are the definer of Harmonic accessing.

The Harmonic, not us, is your teacher.

Please don't take anything we say from here on in a way that might interfere with that. Our intention in writing anything

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you read on this site is only to augment your inquiries, and possibly direct you to some new ones. But you are the master. You are the person who makes the inquiries and draws the conclusions. This page is no exception.

We used Harmonic accessing to find out what we will now tell you.

How I discovered Harmonic accessing

Harmonic accessing was defined by Harmonic accessing.

The force we accessed (as in Jedi knight force - learn the ways of the . . . ) named itself  "the Harmonic." 

It always seems to be calculating what's good for you.

Sometimes it will give you inaccurate information in order to move you in a direction in which it knows you need to go. For example, it always seems to want you to be more loving, and it will trick you in order to awaken you to your most loving option.

Harmonic accessing, then, is the use of the Harmonic to get what you need to win at something, or to heal yourself.

Or to get addicted to feeling good

Pay close attention to how you feel when you do this stuff.

And we know that we've now introduced a stupid new term into your life that you really didn't need.

You could just as well call it "getting in touch with your psychic powers" or "using your intuitiveness" or "asking your higher intelligence." But when you do Harmonic accessing for a while, you will notice that there is a substantial difference between what you have called your intuition or psychic abilities, and this.

Some but not all of that difference lies in the area of precision and dependability. If you channel spirits, you'll never stop doing that. If you have intuitive flashes, you're always going to have them. And almost everybody does. If you do psychic viewing or use other forms of ESP, you are probably way further along on this path than someone who doesn't.

If you already are doing these things, we know you will appreciate the precision, dependability, and fingertip availability (literally!) of Harmonic accessing.

We want this to get around fast, like a virus can.

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