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  • Focus on the person's God connection, and see what direction it seems to be taking us all in. Ask questions that enhance that God connection.
  • Keep the focus on curing, repeat the words cure, cured, curing, curative actions - take focus off immune system
  • When in contact with a helper/caregiver: Don't have a Cure Show with the affected person until the helper has had at least one show on their own.
  • Pathologies
  • The 12 bodies
  • VIP Intro sections
  • Interact about their mission
  • Followup
  • Everyone:
    • Handle all logistics & positions in advance. Confirm the guest the day before or the morning of their Cure Show.
    • ("invite them into our living room")
    • focus on one thing (your post) and doing it the absolute best you can
    • support the guest in succeeding at testing -- not in getting a certain answer -- at the beginning
    • link higher bodies with everyone & support everyone silently that way throughout
    • Talking "across" what another team member is saying works quite well when you are supporting and giving additional depth and perspective to what he or she is saying, and not when you're interrupting. Preface interruptions with "excuse me." Continue the interruptions with "when you complete this, I'd like to" and allow the person to finish what they're doing. When interrupted, it is courteous to complete what you were doing as quickly as possible, but without sacrificing quality.
    • Don't do parts of the outline that already have been addressed 
    • Once you ask the guest to test / remove / install, don't divert or even talk till she gets the answer or does the action.
    • If the guest sounds or seems mechanical, the harmonic will accomplish the objective of the test or action. However, this doesn't mean that he will tend to repeat the successful behavior or activity. To raise his tendency to repeat it, the mechanical aspect should be pointed out and the guest made aware of what he actually did. We need to create a cognition in the guest of what he's doing so that he'll repeat it on his own.
    • Beware of them attributing a sudden inability to test, a feeling of tiredness, wanting to stop, etc., etc., to something external -- don't buy it!
    • Take opportunities to point out that she is learning immunic actions that she can repeat on her own.
  • Point guard:
    • listen for where the person is going to run into trouble in the future, & tell them
    • Embellish item wordings as appropriate per guest.
    • Bring in spiritual/global perspective    Do contribution section
    • Know theme of this Cure Show

Throw in: stories about cures; global perspectives; references to whatever condition the person brought in; mentions of how people get stuck / we get stuck helping people.

Focus on the person's God connection, and see what direction it seems to be taking us all in. Ask questions that enhance that God connection.


  • In-person guest arrives half an hour before beginning of show (if 8:15, he arrives at 7:45). Before show starts, get them testing.
  • We call phone-in guests 5 minutes before we want them to call us. Tell them to call 813/672-3419 at 8:15. Alternate number: 813/672-0134 (use if disconnected).

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