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Your Opening Introduction -- the ImmunicsBuddies Questionnaire

Who should introduce themselves?

  • Every immunicsBuddy, for sure.
  • Moderators -- say what caused you to decide to become a moderator.
  • Every eradicator who ever goes to Web groups looking for fresh immunicsBuddies talent -- start by posting one of these introductions.

Use, but don't be confined by, the following outline -- just try to include everything I mention. It is not necessary to be brief; we are interested. People are actually inspired and illuminated by your story. We also learn all kinds of things that relate to how we can help ourselves.

Please don't "palm" your introduction. Just write it and send it. We want to know about you, that's all. We don't need you to be a great writer, but we are hoping that, at some point, you're absolutely terrific at curing things, and helping other people do the same.

Open up! Share yourself. You'd be surprised what an amazing immunological boost you get from including people in your life, and in your reality, by showing yourself this way.

Use the subject "(your name) -- My Opening Introduction," in exactly those words, so that we can identify your introduction as such.

The basics you need to tell people -- omit if not applicable:

  1. Your name: don't reveal your full name -- use your first name, but stay away from weird pseudonyms like "HELLCAT" or "July30-six." Why turn people off with your name when you can use anger and coldness?
  2. Give kind of "history of your immune system:" tell what you have and/or haven't had in the way of both disease and health, and also what things worked for you, if any, before you discovered immunics.
  3. How did you discover immunics? Where'd you find out about it?
  4. What have you done with immunics so far? What have you cured with it? People want to know everything that you've cured with it, no matter how trivial. Believe it or not, some of those "trivia" are things people reading your communication are still stuck with. If you tell somebody that they can cure something, they often will.
  5. Have you been instrumental or influential in curing other people with immunics? Give us all the details of that. You will find that many of your buddies will benefit from this, because they are here partially because they want to help someone they love cure something.
  6. Tell a little about your life: what it's been, what it is now. Are you married? Do you have any kids? Do you get along with your kids? Stuff like that. Knowing these things helps us to understand you in the spiritual and emotional areas.
  7. Are you a disease activist? What social or volunteer work have you already done to eradicate disease from the planet? What are you currently doing to that end?
  8. Are you a health professional? If yes, tell us about what you do, and what success you've had with it. We feel it's better for immunicsBuddies to receive treatment somebody who will practice immunics with them during the treatment then from other practitioners in the same field.
  9. Is there anything you need help with? Please tell us in detail. If you need help, add the word “HELP” to the subject line of your e-mail.

You will find that, as you write, you become aware of what you're talking about a new way, and this will greatly increase your immunological power.

And, if you're one of those people who hates to say good things about yourself, get over it! Just say it, even if you don't believe it. We don't believe the things we did with immunics either. Write it down, even if you're not sure of it.

It's OK to make mistakes, and communicate inaccurately. Remember, there's no such thing as "truth," other than the "Field Of Truth," which is one of the most effective prisons that we find ourselves locked inside of, some of us for life. You've known people who lived in their field of truth, and never emerged from it before they died. Writing you induction can change that.

Happy communicating!

frannie and daisy's puppy   Sincerely, Frannie

Frances Hora, an elder of  WHUM


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