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   What's a Cure Drive?

The phone # to call to go on - Greg

Here's a letter we wrote about this:

We represent a network of people who are able to control our immune systems. We cure and control viral-based diseases and cancer. We call ourselves "immuners."

We want to cure people for free on radio and television. Can you help us?

Barb, for example, cured herpes and controls Epstein-Barr. Jan cured fibromyalgia and respiratory allergies, and controls rosacea. Bill, a retired director of HUD, cured hepatitis B. Celeste cured lupus, and Bayard cured two kinds of herpes, HSV 1 and 2.

There are more of us. We want to teach people to do this on radio and TV. We want to have it spread like a brushfire through the world and stop disease everywhere -- especially in places where there's no medical infrastructure. We want to do cure drives on the radio and TV. A cure drive is six weeks long. We go on the air once or twice a week and target a specific number of cures -- say 10,000.

There is also a Web college ( that people can go to supplement their radio or television instruction. There are movies in the college that demonstrate the basic techniques. They can watch these movies before they get together with us on the phone (if it's a radio show) or in a studio audience (if it's a TV show).

We coach them in curing whatever disease they've got to cure. Most of the cures will come from people who don't actually interact with us on the show, but are at home watching or listening. They would contact us during the drive to report their cures or significant immunological breakthroughs.

Do you know of any TV show, radio station or show, or person in the media that we might contact? If so, please talk to us. We need your help.

The phone # to call to go on - Greg
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