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decorative angel graphic    What would constitute a significant immunological breakthrough (SIB) for you?  

We must remember that a SIB is a SIB because it has statistical significance. In fact, the real name for SIB is "statistically significant immunological breakthrough," but we sound too much like snakes if we try to use the acronym for that.

When it comes to the frequency of our herpes outbreaks, every herpes sufferer suddenly becomes a statistician. You may have hated statistics in college, but now you're passionately interested. "Well," we say, "the quickest I ever got another one was on top of an existing one. The longest I've waited without one has been three weeks. So I guess my average is about . . . "

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Is a significant immunological breakthrough the same thing as a cure?

Statistical deviation is what SIB's are all about. Extending the time between our outbreaks, then, becomes a statistically significant immunological breakthrough (SIB).

A "SIB" enables us to see, hear, and feel Harmonic accessing, and know we're doing it

This is what immunics is all about - SIBs

You see, if you're HIV-positive and you've been having allergic reactions to your medication, and you succeed at stopping them with Harmonic accessing, all you can really say to your doctor is, "I think I'm getting a result with this. Because I started to have the reaction, did the Immunic action, and it stopped, temporarily. I got another one a few days later."

But you may also be able to say, "The span of time between the allergy I stopped and the next time I started to feel an allergy was longer."

Both of those are SIBs.

Suppose you're getting the flu. You do an Immunic action and manage to stop that flu from happening.

There probably isn't anything in what you've done that would seem significant to your doctor, since he might not believe you were ever getting  the flu in the first place. That's an obvious SIB to you, though, isn't it?

Now let's say you do an Immunic action and manage to delay the onset of that flu by, let's say, half an hour. Here you've also had a SIB and you still need to know that. That half an hour you delayed the flu was statistically significant. It was a deviation from the average number of minutes it took you to get the flu in the past. 

Most people aren't initially interested in SIBs.

They want a flat-out cure, and they want it to be easy.

People with herpes, for example, feel hurt, angry, and doomed about getting the disease in the first place. They want it gone. They want to go back to where they were before the terrifying event - and it is to them a terrifying event. They've contracted an incurable disease. That hurts. That scares. That interrupts the exciting life pattern they were in before the event, before the contraction of the disease. That's what they care about. They're not really interested in their immune system.

A given herpes sufferer may never have thought about immunity or his or her immune system before they got herpes, and may think about it only minimally now. Most people try to think about things like immunity as little as possible, and about things like sex as much as possible. This also is a significant statistic.

The reason SIBs are important with diseases like herpes is because the SIB indicates a lowered susceptibility to diseases like Alzheimer's, cancer, coronary heart disease, and Bell's palsy.

So, you see, immunics is about building immunity, not necessarily about curing your herpes. You might be able to cure your herpes by dabbing liquid herbs on it. And if that works for you, we recommend that you go ahead and do that. You can do both, you know. After the herbs have relieved the symptom, your immunity will be no more than it was. Unless maybe you used the Harmonic to access which herbs to dab.

You see, any kind of Harmonic accessing boosts immunity. If you take somebody's outside recommendation about which herbs to use without testing it for yourself, and use them and get rid of your herpes symptoms, you may actually have lowered your immunity.

It's the same with a doctor treatment. If you go to your doctor and he explains what your problem is, gives you a treatment and explains what it does for you, and then tells you how many of them to take at what times, and you do that, you may be lowering your immunity. But you'd have to test that to know whether you're lowering it, raising it, or leaving it unchanged.

But as far as actually boosting your immunity, that will take hundreds of SIBs, one after the other. In the process, you may end up becoming herpes-free. Some of us, like Bill Pelle, ended a disease - in his case, hepatitis B - within a few weeks using Harmonic accessing . Obviously Bill got a huge immunological boost from doing that.

That doesn't mean he fought the final battle of his immunity. It simply means that he had a rather dramatic SIB.

Some SIBs are like that. They're dramatic. Others are virtually unnoticeable - like when you succeed at blocking an incoming flu for a little while, but you still get it.

The important thing about SIBs, though, may not be how dramatic or undramatic they are. It may instead be that they constitute walking a spiritual path that we call the Way of Immunics. In this spiritual path you build not only physical immunity but mental and spiritual immunity as well. And to know the value of that, you simply will have to walk the Way of Immunics.

As with any other spiritual path, the value may be more in the practice than in the transitory benefits, no matter how dramatic or undramatic they seem at the time.

We want this to get around fast, like a virus can.

What are you ready for?

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