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Catherine ALLPORT
Interviewed for The Comprehensive Version by Barb Retson

Photojournalist, artist, humanitarian, environmentalist

Santa Fe, NM
Catherine's photographic work is ongoing.  Among her favorite subjects have been the sadhus of the Kumba Mela in India. 

Catherine's film credits include Born in Flames, directed by Lizzie Borden. And her acknowledgments in print feature her inclusion  in Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World by Sherry Ruth Anderson, Ph.D., and Paul H.Ray, Ph.D, which tells the story of how she saved a redwood grove. - Barb Retson

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Catherine's portrait of Barb

Connection is natural and can be simple. I find it as I garden or do my yoga. I can also go there at will. It's your choice. Your practice. Greed and selfishness (yours or your response to that of others) can destroy your connection and lead to disharmony and loss of positive synchronicity.  Train yourself to recover quickly, to push through your moments of imbalance to re-access your innate perfection. Train yourself to reconnect with and live in universal truths. You will quickly rediscover that it's all good - it's all love.

- Catherine

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Barb's portrait of Catherine


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