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a harmonic master
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Shannyn SOLLIT
Interviewed for The Comprehensive Version by Barb Retson

Planetary healer
Administrator and peace activist director, NetWorks Productions
Founder, Los Alamos Peace Project

Santa Fe, NM

I have a clear "yes" or "no" that runs thru my physical body, and I pay attention to it. From above my crown chakra to well below the base of my spine runs a vibration I have trained my self to "hear." I interact and communicate with this force in such a way that my natural knowingness, my original Harmonic connection, has remained intact. As a result, it is clear to me that anyone can use non-physical means to create results in the physical world, whether it is personal, physical health, or global and galactic peace. How you are, your moment-to- moment state, has is a direct correlation to what manifest around you -- internally in your own cells and externally in our dealings between nations and people. . . . I have seen the work of little children in Japan who have delicately folded origami cranes, thousands of them, as gifts of peace. These children  are clear that they are in a state of peace, of grace and prayer, as they fold, and that their work is imbued with healing intent and can magically, harmonically, manifest peace among the people in our universe. I have devoted my life to bringing in this awareness, this power, and to preventing further devastation to our planet.

- Shannyn

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