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   Plague-ending dream team

The following people have proved that they are master strategists and have stellar abilities to perform in the areas in which we list them (though their abilities are not limited to these areas). We have listed corporations and other non-profit organizations as well as individuals because organizations can be strategists - and with a cohesive direction, they are.


Jane Fonda
Kathy Smith
Anthony Robbins

Spiritual/medical fusion

Deepak Chopra
Andrew Weil

Ability dissemination

Oprah Winfrey
Barbara Walters

Historical appreciation/perspective

Steven Spielberg

Mystic/mainstream culture fusion

George Lucas
Coz & Fran Kazui
Sting & Trudie Styler

Human values

Robert Redford
Nelson Mandela
Mariah Carey

Personal responsibility

Judy Sheindlin
Suze Orman

Physical immunity

Sidney Rosenberg


Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Neil Larson

Third World empowerment

FreePlay Corp., Cape Town, South Africa

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