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   What we teach happens to be especially effective against a worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases.

And so if you came here with another interest, be reassured: you'll be able to pursue it. What you teach yourself here can be used in cooking, gardening, stock trading, and raising your children. It's the biggest time-saver you'll ever find. You can use it to do your horoscope, for goodness sakes!

God wants you to have abundance, love, and happiness. She also wants you to live to enjoy it. And in a living world.

Because the plague isn't just microbes and cancer. It's litter.

It's all human dysfunction.

At this juncture, there's something you should know about immunity.

It's physical, but it's not only physical. It's everything.

Immunity is love, abundance,  happiness. Stuff like that. And yes, it's also killer T-cells. And if you don't go after total immunity, you'll never have physical immunity to disease. You'll always be somewhat vulnerable. Or somewhat impermeable to the good things so that the  nourishing, immunizing things can't get in.

The best way to save your own life is to immunize yourself without even realizing it did that. 

Because the disease you would have gotten may never get started.

Because you RIK'ed before you needed to.

Our main concern is with plague.

Modern medicine and medical research are at the threshold of a merging with the spiritual sciences A significant percentage of today's doctors are realizing that they're moved by great feelings of love, and that that's not a bad thing, it's not "unscientific." And modern research is becoming less and less abstract and more involved with the basic and real needs of humanity.

Still, you're in peril.

You may never have been sick a day in your life, or have only had simple flus, and yet you could be hit by a (medically) incurable disease tomorrow, without warning.

But you know, it's a funny thing . . .

Sometimes I think that God put viruses on this planet so people could teach themselves Harmonic accessing by killing them.

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