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   We want Dell or Gateway to donate $6 million worth of hardware over the next five years

Why do we need so much computer hardware?

Well, it's not actually for us - that is, it's not for our central organization. We want to distribute it, or most of it, to far-flung colleagues, like Roger, a doctor who lives in Costa Rica. We've always wanted Roger to be one of our advisors, but it's very difficult for him to communicate from where he lives. And since he has very little money, we need to set him up so he can do that.

Once we have our hardware donation and portal partnership in place, we'll start an outreach project, which will probably involve, among other approaches, talking to ministries of health in underdeveloped countries to see if they can tun up villages who are interested in working with us. Often these villages already have a halfway decent computer setup, but it doesn't pay for us to start putting in energy for this until we can set up the ones that don't.

We'll also need similar donations of software from Microsoft, et al. 

If we get the donation, there's no telling how fast we'll access or ship out the hardware, which presumably will be shipped directly from Dell to its end users. That depends on how many of our colleagues volunteer to help with this end of the ministry work. 

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