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   Allies' Harmonic prayer

Get in your mind who's in our Harmonic Power Circle. Actually test that you've done each Immunic action.  

testing handI am now joining my results bodies - etheric, spiral, gravitational, celestial - with those of the other Power Circle members. (Picture a few.)

- and forming a circle of immunics.

testing handI am now bringing all of our Harmonic allies physically into my heart. 

testing handI am now using the results bodies of the entire Power Circle to influence all people of this world to connect with the Harmonic and effect a cure that each of them as an individual needs. 

testing handI am installing in all of our allies the intention to facilitate Harmonic connection and cure in every person around them.

testing handI am installing in world culture awareness of the existence of the Harmonic and immunics.

testing handI am installing in myself and all our allies the intention to bring all Harmonic projects to speedy and successful completion.

You do not need to test the next statement. - but it couldn't hurt.

Dear God, show me my new behaviors, and make all the good responses easy. Thank you.


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